The weather on Good Friday, surprising the Ukrainians: “douche”

Погода в Страстную пятницу удивит украинцев: «контрастный душ»

On Good Friday the weather in Ukraine is changeable

On April 26 Ukrainian weather forecasters predict warm but possible rain.

Reported by the Ukrainian hydrometeorological center:

“+22…+27 degrees Celsius is expected tomorrow afternoon in the Western regions.”

It is known that in several regions of Ukraine, however, promise short rains.

It is also known that to + 6 — +12 degrees will drop the temperature at night in the country as a whole.

In the Central regions of Ukraine promise to 21-24 degrees Celsius, it’s Sunny, possible showers in the afternoon. In the East, weather forecasters promise rain:

“The night temperature is 8-12 degrees, 21-25 degrees above zero during the day.”

In the South dry, light rain, +17…+21 degrees. The capital of Ukraine tomorrow will generously warm sun – a promise from +22 to +24 degrees, and rain.

Recall, the Crimea was suddenly drowned in the snow: the anomalous nature struck on the Peninsula.

As reported Politeka, half the country went under water: a lot of victims.

Also Politeka wrote that winter has suddenly hit the favorite resort of Ukrainians: a striking photo.