The weapons ex-Sergeant Kevin Vickers control a protester in Dublin

manifestant-ete-empoigne-kevin-vickersThe Canadian ambassador to Ireland, the country famous for having neutralized the gunman who stormed the parliament in 2014, was again illustrated on Thursday by his presence of mind and his pugnacity.

Kevin Vickers, former Sergeant at Arms of the House of Commons, grabbed a protester by the sleeves of his jacket and dragged him further running on Thursday at a ceremony in Dublin. The ceremony to pay tribute to soldiers killed during the “Easter uprising” Irish against British rule in 1916.

According to World Affairs Canada, Mr. Vickers’ stopped a protester who was running toward the podium “at the commemoration ceremony. A Global Affairs Canada spokesperson said Mr. Vickers, approaching sixty, was not injured during the procedure.

security members on site then arrested the protester, who maintained that the ceremony was “an insult.”

Kevin Vickers, a native of New Brunswick, conducted a 29-year career in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, reaching the rank of Chief Superintendent.

Appointed director of security operations for the House of Commons in June 2005, and Sergeant shortly after, is among others that it had to intervene when Michael Bibeau Zehaf stormed the parliament on 22 October 2014. the young man had just shot Corporal Nathan Frank Cirillo, who stood guard of honor in front of the war Memorial of Canada, close to the parliament. The assailant was eventually shot several times, some of which fired at close range by the Sergeant.

Mr. Vickers was appointed three months later Canadian Ambassador to Ireland. Thursday invited by the Irish Foreign Minister, Mr. Vickers represented Canada at the ceremony in memory of the “bloody Easter”.

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