The watered picnics allowed in Granby

(Granby) Accompany your picnic a glass of wine will be allowed from next month in three city parks Granby. Elected officials have filed a notice of motion to amend the regulations to that effect. A city councilor Jocelyn Dupuis, however, has reservations.
“You will find me a killjoy, but I’m not comfortable with this regulatory amendment. The current situation is really not a problem, then why create a future possibility of having problems? “Noted Mr. Dupuis.

According to the notice of motion filed Monday night, once the adopted amendment, it will be “allowed to possess and consume between 11 am and 20 pm, alcoholic beverages during a meal outdoors in Daniel-Johnson Park, and Victoria Pelletier. ” The fact of snack foods like chips, nuts or candy, however, is not a meal, it is specified.

Precisely what is a meal? Asks Jocelyn Dupuis. “I too have an opening for people who take a glass of wine with a picnic, but with the new regulations, anyone could just drop a hot dog on the table and drink from 11 am to 20 pm. And it would be a meal too, “he considers.

His counterpart at the council table, Robert Riel, however, does not share his opinion. “It will not bring more people moved in our parks,” he believes.

According to him, the openness shown by the city for the presence of dogs in some city parks has shown. Yes, there is always a minority who breaks the rules. But Robert Riel believed that the majority of citizens will be discerning. “It is not for this (the consumption of alcohol with a meal) that it will bring more problems,” he considers.

Pilot project

Acting Mayor Michel Mailhot, for his part, said he is a pilot project for one year. If the experiment proves inconclusive, the council can always turn back, he said.

Currently, anyone who consumes liquor in a city park carries a $ 75 fine. Added to this are costs $ 27, says the spokesman Granby Police Department, Guy Rousseau.

According to Michel Mailhot, the City of Granby wishes to respond to requests to this effect in the past by citizens and groups. It is particularly happened several times that organizations wishing to organize an event in a park, but they are hampered by municipal regulations, which prohibits them drinking alcoholic beverages. Otherwise, authorization should be granted to the room. But it was complicated for nothing, says Michel Mailhot.

The City of Granby is not the only one to be tolerant on this point. The Ville-Marie borough of Montreal, among others, allows the use of alcohol “on the occasion of an outdoor meal taken in a holiday park where the city has installed picnic tables -nique “.

If all goes as planned, the regulatory amendment will be adopted at the next regular council meeting on 4 July.

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