The veterans Committee in the Parliament want to reduce: “we need to abandon…”

Комитет ветеранов в Раде хотят сократить: «надо отказываться от…»

In the Parliament talking about cuts in veterans Committee

MP from the “Servants of the people” commented on the controversial decision

Galina Tretyakova, future MP from the party “people’s Servant” on his page in Facebook explained, what will become of the veterans Committee in the event of liquidation.

Комитет ветеранов в Раде хотят сократить: «надо отказываться от…»

First of all, the people’s darling stated that “it is not necessary to produce bureaucracy in the form of committees or entire ministries” and “don’t need to sell themselves to the veterans’ theme.”

“We want to channel public funds to support those who defended Ukraine, and not to employ for public office, which, as is often the case, you do not have any relation to ATO (OOS), nor to the front,” – said Tretyakov.

She added that “the Servant of the people” want to create an Agency from among veterans, which will “coordinate benefits”.

The future MP said that we must abandon such practices, when funds are not directed on social protection of the needy, and the content of the bloated state apparatus.

“We will not have committees on matters of pensioners, on disability, for someone else. However, no one will be forgotten or deprived,” he promised Tretyakov.

As previously reported, the Ukrainian broadcaster, businessman and political analyst Andrei Palchevsky reacted sharply to the recent statement by Vladimir Zelensky on the land market in Ukraine.

Today in our country there is a ban on the sale and alienation of agricultural land. In the Rada extended the moratorium on the sale until January 1, 2020.

Комитет ветеранов в Раде хотят сократить: «надо отказываться от…»

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As a result of this prohibition, the owners of land shares are not free to dispose of the agricultural land. The only method of land transfer for use by third parties is a lease.

Palchevskogo spoke about the solution Zelensky to open the land market very sharply:

“I think the biggest mistake that you can make the President Zelensky is two things. To reach the ear of Vladimir Alexandrovich ordinary people can’t. First, the adoption of the landmark decision. The situation with the earth, when 16 million is in the shade… and With it today’s oligarchs, bureaucrats … ridicule our farmers, the hryvnia dropped three times, so they pay less and sell for dollars”.

Palchevskogo calls to prevent the issue of land in the remaining 100 days.

Recall that Zelensky will fulfill the main requirement of the Ukrainians begin an unprecedented commotion.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky made a fatal mistake at the meeting with the Ecumenical Patriarch.

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky took a friend of Putin, Erdogan made a statement, which was expected by all Ukrainians