The variety of food: what are the dangers of eating the same food every day

Разнообразие питания: чем опасно употребление одной и той же пищи каждый день

Proven diet and recipes or uncontrolled variety or experimentation? What is better for the body and figures

While the sequence can create healthy habits and help in weight loss, it is also important to focus on diversity of supply. Nutritionists say that it is important to diversify the diet and not eat the same thing day in and day out.

Разнообразие питания: чем опасно употребление одной и той же пищи каждый день

Many people used to cook a lot of food for a few days. This saves time and money, but health is not always useful.

Although all registered dietitians have their own food philosophy, most of them agrees that nutritious foods is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, they insist that “food combo” is important.

“It is important to learn how to cook a few healthy foods that you like and stick with them until you’re ready to expand your diet. But later this must be done,” says Chelsea Amer (Amer Chelsey), professional nutritionist and Creator of

On the other hand, it was found that repeated exposure of the same products reduces overall energy consumption among women, he said. Therefore, about 66% of overweight people can lose weight, it is adhere to the diet of the same products.

Разнообразие питания: чем опасно употребление одной и той же пищи каждый день

However, after reaching the desired weight and will have to extend the set of dishes to get everything you need.

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Nutritionists concerned about the dangerous eating habits of Ukrainians. This was stated by the President of the Association of nutritionists, Oleg Shvets, during the discussions on the diet of the Ukrainians.

“The diet of the Ukrainians today are dominated by potatoes — an average of 213 grams per day and allinoneruby bread — 280 grams per day, consumption of which nutritionists recommend to minimize. And only 20 percent of Ukrainians care about the amount of sugar in the daily diet, who eat average 90 grams instead of the recommended 25 g, the tolerable upper boundary — 50 g. Therefore, today in Ukraine the death rate from cardiovascular disease was 7 times higher than, for example, in France, — said Shvets.

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