The use of toothpaste will tell you about your character

Find out more interesting, judging from the tube of toothpaste!

Використання зубної пасти розповість вам про ваш характер

I can not believe that such detail can tell so much about human nature! The result is impressive!

Several thousand years ago people knew that it is necessary to brush your teeth. Of course, the toothpaste at the wrong time, but it was a special mixture of powders, which clean the teeth and cleans your mouth. By the way, many of the substances in these mixtures, there is in toothpastes, informs Rus.Media.

Ancient tooth found by archaeologists in Egypt, it is almost two thousand years, and it consists of salt, pepper, mint and toffee. And that the Egyptians are the “creators” of toothpaste, the composition of which was quite unusual: ground egg shells, pumice, burnt cow’s liver and urea.

It’s hard to believe, but how we use toothpaste, can tell a lot about our character. Here’s what we can learn about you, judging from the tube.

If you wrap it from the bottom to the top

Economical and not prone to embezzlement. You value your things and sometimes not in the best mood.

If you squeeze the toothpaste from the middle

Do impulsive and sociable people, who are called “star parties.” Sometimes they make mistakes, but I know how to fix them.

If you squeeze the toothpaste from the top

You are inherent stubbornness, self-restraint in words and sometimes unfair attitude towards life that you want to change.

If your tube is reminiscent of a new

This means that you carefully follow the oral hygiene. Despite the fact that you like to be alone, sometimes you need to communicate more with people.

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