The US army will not leave Syria until complete purification from ISIL militants

The US army is not going to say goodbye to Syria, because the issue with the attack order on the territory of the country is not yet finally resolved. In addition to all the command there is a formal UN resolution on the elimination of militants.

The Minister of defence of the USA James Metis officially made a statement that soldiers of the American army did not leave Syria until a final order within the state. The UN has authorized military forces of the American state to destroy of terrorists Syria, namely to rid the country of any persecution of LIH*.

Currently, these actors continued to reside on the territory of the state. The Geneva process should be fully implemented, only then the US military will be able to leave the Syrian border. This is the only condition that can lead the army of the United States for the territory of the Syrian state. This subject was highlighted in a recent interview that James gave mixed media.

* The organization was prohibited in the territory of the Russian Federation decision of the Supreme court

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