The uprising of the Russians crossed the border, Putin is powerless: “will end very badly”

Восстание россиян перешло все границы, Путин бессилен: "закончится очень плохо"

The victory of the Maidan in Russia over the Putin regime is inevitable

So says journalist Vyacheslav was Cecile.

“I know the history, have gone through restructuring, the collapse of the Soviet Union, several shifts of power and including two Ukrainian Maidan. Some even felt, and from different sides. And what now is happening in Russia is a revolution, independence – call it what you want. And not even in the first stages.”, he writes.

He also argues that while the Russian Maidan more in the minds of people than on the streets. But he’s already here. And he will win – because new always beats old. And the other “new” Russia just yet.

The journalist believes that to resist the Maidan by force makes no sense.

Восстание россиян перешло все границы, Путин бессилен: "закончится очень плохо"

“I don’t know of any successful case, which would “disperse power and leave it at that”. Successful military action could maximum have a respite for a short time.”, he writes.

According to the journalist, if Putin does not act against the dissatisfaction of young people, ordinary ideas can become a reality.

“In itself it is not formed. It can only end badly. Very bad.”, he graduated from the school.

Восстание россиян перешло все границы, Путин бессилен: "закончится очень плохо"

We will remind that across all Russia, August 10, rallies were held. People in more than 40 cities, gather in the square in solidarity with Moscow for fair elections. In most cases the rallies were conducted peacefully.

The biggest rally gathered in Moscow. According came of 49.9 thousand people. This was told in the organization “White counter”. They stood at the entrance through the scope and counted the number of people who came to the rally. Moscow authorities stated that the action was going in 2 times fewer people – 20 thousand.

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The mass of this protest shows that Putin’s tyranny, few people afraid, and more and more unhappy out on the streets.

Overall, in four Russian cities including the capital, riot police have collected “harvest dissatisfied” at 325: in St. Petersburg – 81 detained in Rostov-na-Donu – 13 people, in the Bryansk – two.

Of the celebrities came to the rally Oxxxymiron (Oxxxymiron) t-shirt: “Freedom to Egor Zhukov”, a popular journalist and video blogger Yuri Dude in the Russian flag, as well as bloggers Daniel Cross and Eldar Dzarakhov, journalist Leonid Parfyonov, writer Lyudmila Ulitskaya.

Known in the CIS rapper Oxxxymiron commented on the reason for his coming to this rally: “I stand not only for freedom Egor Zhukov, but also all political prisoners in Russia. This time, I personally had, and here I am.”

Recall, the stars of the Russian show-business has risen up against Putin

And Politeka wrote that the Russians had rebelled against Putin

Also Politeka reported that Putin’s henchmen take the child activists