The United States arrested a group of Ukrainian hackers in what charge

США арестовали группу украинских хакеров: в чем их обвиняют

Three citizens of Ukraine – Dmitry Fedorov (44 years), Fyodor Gladir (33 years) and Andrey Kolpakov (30) – were arrested in different European countries at the request of the U.S. Department of justice.

As reported the American authorities accuse the Ukrainians of involvement in the hackers group “Fin7”, as well as of involvement in the hacking of computer systems and data theft million credit cards.

The U.S. justice Department believe that the Ukrainians helped the group of hackers who steal from American companies and US citizens, and subsequently sell their personal data Online.

According to available information, in the United States are victims of hackers, “FIN7” steel companies in 47 States and the district of Columbia. Hackers managed to steal more than 15 million records on client cards. In addition, hackers stole the personal information of residents of the United Kingdom, Australia and France.

Detained Ukrainians are charged with 26 counts of criminal offences, including conspiracy, fraud in network, hacking, fraud with access device, and theft of personal data.

Hladyr currently awaiting trial in Seattle, which is scheduled for October 22.

Fedorov is in Poland, where he was arrested, pending extradition to the US.

Extradition decisions are also expecting Kolpakov, who was detained in Spain.

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