The uncle of Kate Middleton pleads guilty to having struck his wife – Here

In the family Middleton, we strongly advise you to avoid asking the uncle Gary Goldsmith. The uncle of Kate was indeed known to have savagely beaten his wife.

Some uncles are annoying during a family meal, where, a little drunk, they start churning out horrors. But the uncle of Kate Middleton has beaten all the records of the shame in attacking them violently his wife.

The incident occurred in the month of October last, as he returned from a charity event which he attended with his wife, Julie-Ann. Obviously all the two revelers, they had begun to fight under the gaze aghast from the taxi driver who returned to their home. An altercation recalled by the prosecutor Kate Shilton, as stated in the Daily Mail, during the trial, which was held today : “The dispute started at the back of the taxi. They are both out, and [the driver] has described having seen Mrs. Goldsmith slapping her husband in the face. He was then told to have seen Mr. Goldsmith, the hit violently in the face by pressing a left hook. Ms. Goldsmith then fell back. He said : “She seems to be unconscious, it does not move. “”

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After having lost consciousness for long seconds, she was back at it and had then asked the taxi driver to call the police. During this time, the uncle of Kate Middleton seemed “panicked” and was ” back-and-forth in the house trying to make it fit “. Challenged by the taxi driver on his access to violence against his fourth wife, he would then be shown aggressive towards her.

Charges that are only partly recognized by Gary Goldsmith, who is said to have actually hit his wife, but without having taken ” a left hook “. The multimillion-dollar 52-year-old faces a maximum sentence of six months imprisonment, but there is a strong chance that he will scoop actually work in the general interest. What is certain, is that the attorney account to find out how to ” protect [Julie-Ann Goldsmith] of this man “.

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