The UN will first discuss the use of killer robots

В ООН впервые обсудят использование роботов-убийц

The United Nations (UN) for the first time will discuss the use of killer robots. But before drawing up the rules and peculiarities of operation of the devices is still far away, said Indian Ambassador Amandip Gill, according to Phys.
Activists and tech leaders, including Elon Musk, called on the UN to ban fully automated weapon system that can revolutionize the war at the same time exposing civilians to increased risk. The conference on disarmament Monday, November 13, will open five days of negotiations on the arms.

“It would be very easy to legislate against, but I think that — to move forward on a very complex issue unreasonable. We are still at the starting line”, — told reporters Amandip Gill.

Supporters of the ban insist that the people should ultimately be responsible for the final decision to kill or destroy. They argue that any system of weapons, which would delegate the decision to individual the strike algorithm, by definition is illegal, because the computers can’t be held accountable in accordance with international humanitarian law.

Gill said that between Nations there is agreement that “people should be responsible for decisions related to life and death”. But the mechanism by which the “human control”, not yet defined.

The international Committee of the red cross, who are empowered to defend the laws on the conflict, also called for the ban, but stressed the need to set limits on Autonomous weapons .

“We insist that the machines it is impossible to apply the law, and you cannot pass the responsibility for legal decisions to machines,” said Neil Davison division of the ICRC arms.

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