The Ultima Foods employees say yes to 98%

employes-syndiques-aliments-ultima-granby(Granby) It is through joy that the union president of employee Ultima Foods, Granby, announced the results of voting for the new agreement. At the request of the employer, the union finally agreed to reopen the collective agreement, which expired in March 2017. The new agreement was approved par98% of the members present.

In assembly Friday, 195 of the 272 unionized employees have listened carefully enumerating the details of the new collective agreement. On some occasions, said the union representative of the Federation of Commerce of the CSN, Michel Trépanier, members applauded the improvements.

They then moved to the vote. Only three people were opposed.

“I think people are very happy, says Martin Delage, president of the union. I do not remember seeing even a vote of 98% for a collective agreement. Anyway, Ultima, I think it never happened. ”

The Eastern Voices was able to attend the unveiling of the results and unionized reactions. Euphoric, they were quick to get up to clap, whistle or shout. The work of the union executive was also welcomed. An employee has even started singing at the microphone after his colleagues were gathered at the table to shake hands with members of the executive, so much joy and relief were great.

It took eight trading sessions over three weeks to reach this agreement. “I was surprised by both parties we should come to an agreement so quickly. In 2013, it had 36 bargaining sessions over nine months. There, we do this for three weeks, eight games, it improves our conditions and the boss will find what he wanted, “says Delage.

30 bonuses for union

This time we do not talk to slash wages, as was reported Mr. Delage in December 2015 while Aliments Ultima asked once the opening of the collective agreement. Indeed, wages rise a little over 15% over seven years. As for the pension plan, employees and employers will increase their contribution of 1.25%.

The union’s mandate was to protect jobs and working conditions. Clauses were changed so that they protect jobs. For example, “there was a clause in the agreement that said that you were entitled to severance pay of one week per year of service if there was a change in technology and that you picked up you on layoff says Michel Trépanier. But there was a limit of 26 weeks. The ceiling jumped. This is not trivial. Same thing if the factory or farm department. The employer agreed to blow the ceiling there. It means something if he is ready to give guarantees more. ”

These are terms which have indeed reassured employees about the future of the company specializing in the production of yogurt, especially as the company engages in a seven-year contract.

Mr. Trépanier has counted at least 30 refunds for unionized in the new labor agreement. Parents will be happy to split their family responsibility leave when enough to miss a few hours to a medical appointment. It is now possible to schedule such leave, which allow the employer to find a replacement for the same offense.

If there is a clause that was applauded, it is well that concerning the overtime bank. Employees can now earn up to 80 hours rather than 40 hours in their time bank, which will enable more young people to offer more vacation that both Base weeks.

Work collaboratively

The employer wanted a collective agreement for seven years, he got. This period will allow him to focus on the competition and ensure him an “industrial peace” says Martin Delage.

The formation of a labor organizing committee has also been included in the collective agreement. The union will discuss with the employer in the coming weeks to determine the operation. “What we aim is to see how we can save money for better prices, be more efficient about the delivery time and, for that, we will analyze by department all problems,” recalls the union representative.

“When you improve your working methods and the performance that you are able to give, if both parties work together it can only give a winning solution at the end of the line, added the union president. It’s been years that there is a small internal war between the union and the employer. If everyone cooperates, you’re more equipped to deal with your competitors. ”

best climate

It must be said that the climate has changed since December, when the tension was palpable between management and employees Ultima Foods. Since the arrival of the new vice president of human resources, there is a wind, observes Martin Delage.

Some employees took the time to comment to the newspaper the outcome of the negotiations.

“The important thing is that the climate is likely to change and improve,” says Mélanie Gingras.

“This One is glad to be out strong as a result, adds his colleague Martin Dalpe. concerns had to know what was going to happen with us. With a vote like that and the beautiful agreement we have on the table … Seven years have peace of mind is very important. ”

“The collective agreement has never been as beautiful as it launches !, Dominic Fontaine before leaving the room where the talks were held for several hours. Tour the world is well pleased. ”

“I am very happy, I am satisfied with the agreement, the executive has really worked very well, expresses Josée Gaudreault, happy to be reassured about its future. The nerves are going to release in the coming weeks. ”

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