The Ukrainians will be a new way to pay for gas: “at the lowest price”, disclosed the formula

Украинцы будут по-новому платить за газ: "по самой низкой цене", раскрыта формула

In the new Ukraine will sell gas to ordinary consumers

This is stated in the decree №485 dated 5 June, which was published on the official portal of the government.

It is reported that the government changed the formula for calculating gas prices, which the monopoly “Naftogaz” sells the blue fuel consumers and Teplokommunenergo (CTV).

Украинцы будут по-новому платить за газ: "по самой низкой цене", раскрыта формула

In the document published on the portal, said that now the cost of gas to residential customers must meet the minimum of four values.

In the first place will be considered the average cost of imported gas, formed in the process of customs clearance in Ukraine (data of Ministry of economic development publishes). Will also take into account the weighted average price for the month on the results of the electronic exchange trading in the Ukrainian energy exchange

In addition, for the formulas is taken the arithmetic average gas price for industrial consumers (subject to prepayment prior to the month of delivery of gas), which operated in the gas month preceding the month of the sale to the public. The government noted that the latter value for the calculation of the formula is the price calculated based on the previously approved formula, gas price in PSO.

From this it appears that the government ordered the monopoly Naftogaz to sell gas to the population for the four average prices, which will be the lowest.

Украинцы будут по-новому платить за газ: "по самой низкой цене", раскрыта формула

Previously, we reported that the Ukrainians would be forced to pay a communal flat for the neighbors. As you know, from may 1, entered into force the law on housing, which requires to install in a residential high-rise buildings house the water meters. However, Ukrainians are not happy with innovation because now they have to pay not only for personal counters, but for the total loss of a house.

Under the new law, from 1 may 2019 water and heating is supplied only to the metering (at the building meter water or heating). Everything that happens inside the house of the service providers are not interested. That is, from may counter commercial accounting is not considered to be housing and communal metering metering device.

If a particular user in the apartment is a meter that shows how much of water consumed in that particular apartment, it does not mean that it will pay only for that water which he used.

Recall that the second stage of monetization of subsidies has already started — what will change for Ukrainians.

As reported Politeka that became known, who receives more than 40 thousand hryvnia per month pension.

Also Politeka wrote that the Ukrainians told what to do with the subsidy.