The Ukrainians, who more than 60 days travel abroad abolished subsidies for communal

The Ministry of social policy said that elimination of subsidies will be the individuals who do not declare in Ukraine their income.

Українцям, які більше ніж на 60 діб виїжджають закордон скасують субсидії на комуналку

The fact of staying abroad of the Ukrainian citizen is not grounds for denying him subsidies. However, the abolition of compensations for communal behavior can occur if the grantee is gone and more than 60 days is not in Ukraine declares their income, informs Rus.Media.

This was reported by Minister of social policy Andrei Reva, the press service of the Ministry.

He noted that subsidies will remain, if:

  • natural persons in Ukraine receives a pension or other income state, respectively, the government knows about his earnings;
  • directed on treatment, left for school or business trip, what are the supporting documents;
  • counts of ERUs for their retirement.

The government is recommended to review the list of countries where Ukrainians can list yourself tax on pension in the PFC.

Earlier, the Minister of social policy said that in Ukraine for the first half of 2018 Ukrainians counted subsidies in excess of the required amount to five billion hryvnia.

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