The Ukrainians have the money by the banks: disclosed unexpected alternative

Украинцы несут деньги мимо банков: раскрыта неожиданная альтернатива

The Ukrainians, having free funds, the banks bypass the tenth road

Only four out of ten people in our country put their money in Bank accounts.

Publishing UBR conducted a survey and found out what an alternative to Bank deposits found the inhabitants of our country. So, people, save up some money, do not rush to carry them to a banking institution. Ukrainians keep their savings “under the pillow”.

Украинцы несут деньги мимо банков: раскрыта неожиданная альтернатива

Keep money at home and consider it much more reliable than to trust their banks.

According to polls, 53% of Ukraine’s banks say “no” and prefer their money not to leave, what to carry them on Deposit.

17,5% said that they have extra money simply does not. 8,5% of Ukrainian respondents noted that they wished to give “a price” for the lease of the Bank safe. And only 6.6% of the population who participated in the survey said that investing their savings in precious metals and stocks.

As previously reported, the Russians went to all, but would not return to Russia.

For this, he decided to Rob a Bank in Norway. So, in the archives of the court Nord-Troms region, there is an entry, dated December 2018, when he was convicted 29-year-old Russian who robbed a Bank in the town with a population of 2 thousand people.

It all started with the fact that the guy has faith in their abilities and decided in any case not to return home. At first he wanted to settle scores with life.

The island of Spitsbergen was chosen as the location for the suicide, because he heard it was easy to get a gun. He received permission to ammo and rented guns, but couldn’t pull the trigger. Instead started to think about how he may be arrested by the police.

Then the young man looked at how English will sound in the phrase “this is a robbery” and went to Longyearbyen’s only Bank “Sparebank”. There he was, at gunpoint three employees of the Bank, took away 70 thousand kroons and returned to the store with a weapon. Police easily caught the strange thief, and the media began to appear information about the inept robber from Russia.

Украинцы несут деньги мимо банков: раскрыта неожиданная альтернатива

And recently, the guy admitted in court that specifically robbed a Bank to get into a Norwegian jail and not return to Russia.

For committing the act the citizen is obliged to pay 20 thousand crowns each of the three employees who were threatened, as well as to serve in the local prison for 14 months because of the period he spent in custody.

Recall that the Ukrainians have to earn the coins: “instead of deposits”.

As reported Politeka, interest rates on deposits dramatically collapses: the national Bank made a statement.

Also Politeka wrote that cash banned: NBU prepared a new outrageous rules, “will affect everyone.”