The Ukrainians have prepared new tariffs for communal! There are already a fateful decision, things will change soon

Украинцам уготовили новые тарифы на коммуналку! Уже есть судьбоносное решение, скоро все изменится

Ukrainians will return the monthly cost of gas, which can recalculate the tariffs for heating

This writes the commentator.

As you know, the sixth Appellate court decided to cancel some resolutions of the national Commission on utilities and energy (NKREKU). It is about 494 m. the resolution of the regulator.

Украинцам уготовили новые тарифы на коммуналку! Уже есть судьбоносное решение, скоро все изменится

The document was approved in 2017 with the aim of abolishing subscription fees for the gas. ate that on the already adopted law “On gas market” rate should consist of two components, one of which – payment for capacity and distribution.

The monthly fee was tied to the power meter. And according to a first variant of the method it turned out that some families will pay more. So, more than half of Ukrainians use gas only for cooking, and the power plate, on average, is about 1.2 cubic meters per hour. At the same time, the capacity of 2,5 cubic meter (1,6 G). That is, consuming 1.2 cubic m under the old methodology would have had to pay for 2.5 cu. m.

In the new version, all Ukrainian consumers, who only uses the stove, suggested to consider the monthly fee as per 1.2 cubic m. For example, in Kiev with the old method of fee amounted to 29.3 UAH, and the new – 34,3 UAH.

Украинцам уготовили новые тарифы на коммуналку! Уже есть судьбоносное решение, скоро все изменится

After the Appeals court decision the national Commission has sent letters to the operators asking them to give power to recalculate.

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“When you cut the rate of heat taken into account the price of gas. Costs include the purchase of gas including transportation and distribution. The court reversed the tariffs of Cuba and returned the tariffs for power. Distribution is nothing else than power, now impossible to calculate. That’s why I ask” – said close to the national Commission expert.

That is, after the decision of the court in Ukraine are going to recalculate the tariffs for heating and, most likely, after the national Commission will be obliged to introduce and a monthly fee. Make another decision, which again to cancel the monthly fee for gas is actually in conflict with the law, in which the specified innovation spelled out and enshrined.

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As reported Politeka, the second stage of monetization of subsidies has already started — what will change for Ukrainians.

Also Politeka wrote that the Cabinet of Ministers adopted a new decision on tariffs for gas.