The Ukrainians have prepared for a cruel surprise, no longer have a job: who will get fired in the coming days

Украинцам уготовили жестокий сюрприз, работы больше не будет: кого уволят в ближайшие дни

Soon more than a thousand people remain without work because the government started a large-scale “cleansing”

As reported Politeka, this was stated by the Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers Dmitry Dubilet in Facebook.

“We made the difficult decision to cut 1,770 jobs in the State statistics service. There will also be vacated and leased or privatization 281 object of real estate. We perform this optimization by reducing the units at the district level. Given the fact that most of the reports that the company serves in the state statistics service, is served in electronic form, the support for these units was inappropriate,” he said.

Dubilet says that some of the functions will be handed over to officials at the regional level.

“In addition, we plan to simplify reports that are submitted to state statistics, and to reduce their number. Will tell about it separately,” — he stressed.

Украинцам уготовили жестокий сюрприз, работы больше не будет: кого уволят в ближайшие дни

Note that network users took the news with caustic comments.

“The state apparatus can be easily reduced by 73%”, “funny. And work now people where?” “I thought that restarting the economy is about tax and investments”, “the office of the President better to reduce?”, “We need more kick. Firstly just to kick the bureaucrats need secondly the population is reduced,” they write.

As previously reported, in the near future in Ukraine is planned layoff of about 20 employees of the state apparatus in order to reduce the cost of their funding. Such staff reductions will help to improve the efficiency of government institutions, said the Minister Dmitry Dubilet. The process has already started and will last through November.

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The Minister says that the reduced payment of compensation (including accrued vacation). In addition, they will have to help in the search for a new job.

“Each will be accompanied by a career Advisor who will prepare an individual employment plan,” — said Dubilet.

“Job search, training and preparing individuals to start their own business will involve a wide range of organizations — business, GSS, professional associations and the like. To that end, all employees will be invited to undergo profiling,” added the Minister.

While it is unknown whether all the officials who were laid off, to find a job. The government does not give voice to the so-called parameters of the shrink — age, experience and the like.

Украинцам уготовили жестокий сюрприз, работы больше не будет: кого уволят в ближайшие дни

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