The Ukrainians have lost unbelievable amounts of money due to Poroshenko, ex-the guarantor to step away from the prison

Украинцы потеряли баснословные деньги из-за Порошенко, экс-гарант в шаге от тюрьмы

The former President of Petro Poroshenko will have to answer for the loss of large sums of money

The investigators will require the leader of the “European solidarity” to explain the details of suspicious transactions where ordinary Ukrainians could lose significant money. In his video blog the journalist Alexander Dubinsky opened the scheme policy on illicit enrichment.

17 July the former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko was called to 9:30 at the State Bureau of investigation Ukraine. It will interrogate on the case of money laundering and legalization offshore stock plant “Smithy on the Rybalsky”. On investigating the events in social networks has told the lawyer Andriy Portnov.

Украинцы потеряли баснословные деньги из-за Порошенко, экс-гарант в шаге от тюрьмы

Alexander Dubinsky suggested the Ukrainians “support” Petro Poroshenko during the interrogation. In his opinion, everyone is worth Recalling the former President about his crimes at the head of the state:

“Friends, if you want to transfer Poroshenko heartfelt greetings, thank you for Tomos for Svinarchuk for Kononenko, in Granovsky, for all that bydlotu that surrounded him in Parliament, for the Barn, for Berezenko, for the entire PANOPTICON figures, leaders of the nation — please come at 9:30 at the State Bureau of investigation, meet Peter, help him, support cries, he loves to shout: “shame.”

According to the journalist, ex-the guarantor has caused in the RRG that he told me about the fate of $ 300 million. The money he was to receive from the businessman Sergei Tigipko after the sale of “Smithy on rybalskaya”. However, the buyer confirm the payment failed. In addition, the amount has not come to any Ukrainian account of Peter Poroshenko, which is a reference to the criminal scheme. After all, with her several million were supposed to go to the Ukrainian budget. For this he could face jail.

Украинцы потеряли баснословные деньги из-за Порошенко, экс-гарант в шаге от тюрьмы

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Alexander Dubinsky told two versions of what happened. According to the first, Poroshenko and Tigipko just sent money offshore to avoid paying taxes in Ukraine. “As commander in chief, with all p*a zdezh about the army, about to chop off hands for stealing from soldiers that need medicine, roads,” — said the blogger. Alexander Dubinsky also suggested that there was no General sale:

“It was necessary before understanding that he lost the presidential election to pass an object, which made the defense order, which contained documents, technical basis, data on defence procurement and the embezzlement on him, to rewrite on the left of the buyer, Tigipko chose as the holder. Then they burned the Corvette, which is $ 52 million uhaydohal, which is on the agenda of the trawler. Began to down the body, to hide the traces of crime”.

Recall, an angry mob attacked Poroshenko, revenge was videotaped.

As reported Politeka, the investigators decided the fate of Poroshenko, Groisman sounded the alarm: “during the week…”.

Also Politeka wrote that Poroshenko had fatal service to the militants, there was evidence: “conceal four years”.