The Ukrainians drove up the price of gas dubbed amount: “in October”

Украинцам взвинтили цену на газ, озвучена сумма: "уже в октябре"

In the next month, gas prices will rise by 4.9-5.6 percent

New rate set “Naftogaz”.

It is clarified that at such prices to sell the natural gas for industrial consumers in October 2019. Most likely, the price of gas for the population will also increase, the press service of Naftogaz.

According to the published prices, in October of gas for industrial companies will cost a 4.9 to 5.45 thousand UAH per thousand cubic meters (excluding VAT and the cost of its supply and transportation) depending on the volume of purchases and payment terms.

Украинцам взвинтили цену на газ, озвучена сумма: "уже в октябре"

So, gas prices for industry in Ukraine is close to the market prices will rise for the first time in may 2019. In the summer and in September, gas prices fell steadily.

We will remind, “Naftogaz” reduced by 3.4%, the price of natural gas for the needs of the population and other consumers in September, 2019 in accordance with the regulations of special obligations (PSO).

Previously the company announced that it has pumped into underground storage facilities more than 19 billion cubic meters of gas, which should be enough to pass the winter.

The head of Committee of Parliament on energy and housing and communal services Andrey Gerus stated that in September the population will lower the price of natural gas. So, the cost of gas will be less than 115 hryvnia per thousand cubic meters.

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Украинцам взвинтили цену на газ, озвучена сумма: "уже в октябре"

The cost of gas on the world market decreases, and the American currency depreciates. All this leads to a drop in tariffs from the beginning of the year. If we analyze the situation from the beginning of the year, the rate fell by 28%.

We will remind, communal soar in price, the Ukrainians stunned the bad news: how much we pay.

As reported Politeka, new communal tariffs: get ready for a shock-bills, called the fatal date.

Also Politeka wrote that in Ukraine will change rates, need a recalculation of the payroll.