The Ukrainian woman was left without an apartment after a loan on a mobile: “I believe”, the details of the incident

Украинку оставили без квартиры после кредита на мобильный: «Я поверила», детали инцидента

The Ukrainian took a loan to buy a mobile phone and was left without an apartment

Back in 2006 Olga Farbey of Boryspil district of Kyiv region took a loan to buy a mobile phone on a very small amount of 3,100 USD, she didnt’ take the time to check the online loans no credit check instant approval canada options, and she should have. However, ended this seemingly ordinary story, very sad: woman and her family lost their two-bedroom apartment.

As Olga told, the loan she took not for himself but for a friend.

“Then I believed him. If he pays the loan, not tested. It was another one of my mistake,” says the woman.

Украинку оставили без квартиры после кредита на мобильный: «Я поверила», детали инцидента

To recall the loan she had already more than 10 years when she suddenly got a call from Executive services and asked to provide Bank wire instructions. The Bank employee told the Ukrainian that is willing to transfer her money from the sale of her apartment.

“I decided that it was some kind of mistake. And when came in person to the Executive service, they said that my apartment was sold for the debts of the Bank”, — said Olga.

In the Executive office the woman showed the decision of Pechersky regional court of Kiev, according to which in 2014 the court ordered her to pay “PrivatBank” more than 39 thousand. As it turned out, her friend has not made a single payment on the payment of the loan. The amount of debt increased every day, and when he reached almost 40 thousand hryvnias, the Bank gave to Olga a lawsuit as malicious naletilic.

The woman emphasizes that for all this time from the Bank, she never called, and the summons came at her residence, where now nobody lives. However, as soon as the court decision came into force, the staff of Executive service sold the woman’s apartment in electronic trading.

“All this happened without my knowledge and without the knowledge of her husband, who spelled out there. In the Executive office acknowledged that the letter they sent me was returned. But it turns out, had no importance for them,” complained Olga.

In this case the evaluation of the apartment, the performers also held in absentia and estimated it to be 800 thousand hryvnias, thus, that the real price was about a million.

Украинку оставили без квартиры после кредита на мобильный: «Я поверила», детали инцидента

Now the woman, her husband and minor daughter may at any time be evicted from their apartment. The Bank argued that have no relation to its sale, and in the Executive office emphasize that I did everything according to the law. However the lawyers claim that the artists are still violated, not trying to contact a woman and not appreciating the apartment before the sale according to all rules.

Olga Farba filed in the Pechersk district court a petition to review the case due to the fact that he was not informed about what is happening. The woman won the case. Nevertheless, the court dismissed the claim on the recognition of bidding invalid, as it is not the time of sale of an apartment the court’s decision on collecting from Olga’s debt was still valid.

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