The UdeS a step closer to artificial muscles

robot-professeur-jean-sebastien-plante(Sherbrooke) The science fiction film full of robots alongside humans, but what about their existence in the world we live in?

According to Professor of the University of Sherbrooke Jean-Sebastien Plante, the appearance of robots in our daily lives eventually will. “But the real question is when,” he says, highlighting the extent of active technologies of today.

However, what differentiates man from the machine is that it lacks the capacity to dose strength. Actuators, modules that produce movement, are either too much or not strong enough to imitate the delicacy and human strength. Hence the term artificial muscles, as these robots would carry very similar movements to those of humans.

According to the professor of mechanical engineering, to create a Terminator, it would take actuators capable of “dose” forces. With his team, the professor of mechanical engineering found a way to proportion the force of robotic movements.

Intelligent fluids

They have set up an intelligent fluid, able to change state depending on the environment, which brings both sweetness and strength machine. “At the touch of a magnetic field, the fluid initially oily, firmed up into a dough,” said Bush, describing the operation of his find. So far, the proven liquid. “Our prototypes offer very good performance,” says the same teacher.

Such a discovery would improve the lives of people both at the medical level, as in transport or even in everyday life. Indeed, it would allow humans to interact safely with robotic devices. “To date, most robots are locked in cages because they are too dangerous,” says the professor, pointing out that one of the uses of its artificial fluid may be among others to secure the machines.

Electric gates vans style cars could be an example of use for intelligent fluid. Usually these doors close slowly and human force can accelerate the movement. With a smart fluid, the force would become adjustable and the user would be able to speed up or slow down the movement of the door of his vehicle.

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