The twins were born with a difference in three months: the details are incredible records

Близнецы родились с разницей в три месяца: детали невероятного рекорда

A woman named Oksana from the German city of Cologne has given birth two twins with a difference in 97 days

The woman was carrying twins and was in her sixth month (26th week). November 17, 2018, her water broke, and doctors had to conduct an emergency C-section. The weight of a newborn who was named Liana, was only 900 grams. The doctors decided not to remove the second baby from the womb, to be born in due time.

“The conditions were pretty good with the second placenta, — said the chief doctor of the maternity ward Uwe shellenberger. — We gave the child the opportunity to form entirely”.

22 February of the current year came to light the second, a girl named Leonie. Her weight was up to 3.7 kilograms.

Близнецы родились с разницей в три месяца: детали невероятного рекорда

The first few weeks after birth, Oksana was in the hospital under medical supervision. After that, the patient was discharged.

According to the clinic, the twins became world Champions. “According to our research, prior to that, in 2012, Ireland had twins with a difference of 87 days,” said shellenberger.

Recall that an eighth grader found out about the pregnancy during childbirth.

14-year-old Muscovite could Wake mom up at about 5 am, complained of nausea and abdominal pain. The mother thought that the reason of poor health was pea soup, which the family had dinner the night before. After the meal the daughter complained of a rumbling in the stomach, but then still, as if nothing had happened went for a walk with the dog and went to sleep, getting ready in the morning to go to school.

The woman called an ambulance and went into shock upon hearing that her daughter actually gives birth. After 30 minutes, the schoolgirl gave birth, on light there was a girl weighing 2100 grams.

The eighth-grader was so stressed that I asked my mother to hide the child under the sofa, and the father will complain. The head of the family all this time slept in the next room. Woke him up, shouting: “get Up, our youngest daughter gave birth!”, and he thought at first that it was a hoax.

Близнецы родились с разницей в три месяца: детали невероятного рекорда

The eighth-grader with a baby was taken to the hospital, and the new grandparents — to the police station where they are until morning explained how this could happen.

It is noteworthy that at the end of March the girl was lying in the hospital with a concussion, passed the tests, passed a medical examination. And no doctor suspected pregnancy, although it was the penultimate month. Moreover, Schoolgirls observed critical days.

Recall that a maniac without regret, told how he dealt with the 16-year-old.

As reported Politeka, the mother found the lifeless body of his son in a washing machine.

Also Politeka wrote that the mountain mother was brutally murdered 2-year-old daughter.