The truth about vegetable milk

Вся правда о растительном молоке

This product has become very popular not only among vegetarians but also in athletes and others committed to a healthy diet

Experts told about the vegetable milk, which is now gaining popularity among the adherents of many types of food.

First of all, the vegetable milk is not milk in the usual sense. It is them mixed with water extract of seeds, nuts or grains or milled fraction. Mean for receiving liquid really resembles milk, but it has completely different properties.

Вся правда о растительном молоке

Very popular is coconut milk. And, experts say, is the most useful kind of vegetable milk. Coconut milk contains fatty acids that help build fat metabolism and excrete excess cholesterol as well as antioxidants that have strong anti-inflammatory effect. Especially beneficial coconut milk affects the immune system, cardiovascular system and intestinal mucosa. He also had another advantage – the possibility of an Allergy to coconut milk is very small.

But popular in many countries, soy milk does not boast any large number of nutrients or a lack of allergens. Soy is in third place in the top ten products that most often cause allergies. While soy milk is rich in vegetable proteins, contains many b vitamins, and phytoestrogens.

Almond milk contains lots of vitamin E and vegetable proteins, but it is very nutritious and is composed of not-too-healthy fats. Is milk good to use in cooking but to use it as an alternative of cow is not recommended.

Вся правда о растительном молоке

According to experts, vegetable milk cannot replace cow milk, as it contains the entire set of essential amino acids. In addition, it is less digestible, but it can be used by people with lactose intolerance. All the rest it is better to prefer real milk – it will bring more benefits.

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