The truth about eggs: how useful and how to protect yourself from cholesterol

Правда о яйцах: чем полезны и как уберечься от холестерина

The eggs fear is due to the fact that they eat cholesterol, however, as it turned out, for health this product is necessary

So, eggs contain cholesterol. But it doesn’t make them harmful, so you eat eggs can and should be. About this in his Facebook wrote the acting Minister of health Suprun.

According to her, the war with cholesterol, both eggs began in the 70-ies of the 20th century. Doctors and nutritionists thought they were using harmful cholesterol and advised them to waive or reduce consumption to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Правда о яйцах: чем полезны и как уберечься от холестерина

The doctor explains that cholesterol is one of the varieties of fats. It is necessary for brain function, hormone production, function, digestion and many other processes.

“One medium egg contains about 186 mg of cholesterol, which is 62% of the recommended daily consumption. The daily rate of cholesterol ranges from 100 to 300 mg, depending on the total number of consumption of calories per day. Basically, the cholesterol contained in the yolk, and the protein — this is part of the protein. So if you are cholesterol can only eat protein. But then you will not get the vitamins and other beneficial compounds from the eggs, ” says Suprun.

To get the maximum benefit from the consumption of eggs is:

— Have boiled eggs or poached egg, but do not fry them or eat raw;

— do not Supplement their harmful products (sausages, bacon or lard) — so you are higher than normal cholesterol and will not clog your foods harmful fats, carcinogens and calories.

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— Combine eggs with another healthy food (branny bread, greens, various vegetables, herring and butter) — this food is rich in fiber or unsaturated fats, will help keep the balance of cholesterol in normal and diverse diet.

The doctor said that eggs contain almost all vitamins as well as iron, protein and healthy fats a rare — for example, choline. Eggs healthy eyes, skin, hair, liver and brain.

Правда о яйцах: чем полезны и как уберечься от холестерина

“It’s been ten years, and long-term studies have disproved the myth about the dangers of eggs and increased risk of cardiovascular disease. In one major study (500,000 members) people who consume one egg per day had 18% less risk of heart disease and blood vessels, and 28% likely to survive a hemorrhagic stroke. This result was not confirmed in one study “, says Suprun.

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