The true face of fear and techniques to overcome it

Everyone has the fear in your head that prevents action and achieve success in life.

Справжнє обличчя страху та прийоми його подолання

You may be afraid of spiders, darkness, public appearances and so on. Fear is an individual thing. He is born in your consciousness and becomes a major obstacle to happiness. It is therefore important to understand its nature. In this article you will learn about the human fears and methods of control, informs Rus.Media.

The illusion, which can poison the lives of

Every thought in our head was created by us. In the same way and fear is a product of our thinking and behavior. Once we were in an unfamiliar situation and chose a certain type of reaction to it. If the situation was not under control or has led to negative consequences, we will beware of such a scenario in the future. Thus begins the fear.

To be honest, the fear is an illusion. Our brain constantly creates fear, and we believe those pictures and the thoughts it shows. If you take your thoughts under control, fear will cease to be great. Every fear can be overcome, the main thing to find the strength and courage for the decisive step in his direction.

Greatest fears come from childhood

Almost all of fears were formed in childhood. Most of the time the child devotes to learning the new information and the world. Her brain doesn’t have a clear picture of the surrounding world. So the brain has to come into contact with different things and situations that happen in the world. If the situation or things created the child stress, then in the future she will feel uncomfortable with such developments. Also, the child may feel fear, which will remain in his subconscious and will manifest itself in adult life.

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Self-criticism and its relationship with fear

When a person is too self-critical, it does not mean that she’s a character. Just in the past it was a situation which created a high level of criticality to their personality. Most often, her self-criticism originated in childhood. For example, your mother or father did not praise you for various achievements. Likely you have formed a set of honors. You will be a lifetime endeavor to do everything perfectly to get the praise in his address and reduce the likelihood of criticism to zero. Therefore, the self-criticism should be considered a subconscious desire for a perfect result, which guarantees approval for their work.

Laziness, as a kind of fear

Few people realize that laziness is a kind of fear. Our brain doesn’t like to waste energy on things that are not associated with survival. The main function of the brain is the preservation of our lives. And he doesn’t care, we feel happy. The main thing is that our body had enough energy for effective action in an emergency. Also, the brain loves a situation to which he was accustomed. Everything new is it anxiety and laziness. Fear of spending too much energy – this is the main reason of laziness. Better to relax and have a greater chance of survival than to work and become weak, so our brain thinks.

Methods to combat fear

There are many techniques that help to deal with fear. Some of them require a lot of time, but they operate as efficiently as possible. For this you need to see a specialist.

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In this text we will consider simple ways of dealing with fear. You need only the desire to use them in real life.

A detailed analysis of fear

To overcome fear you need to research it. Look in his memoirs, a situation that caused the birth of fear. When you find the cause of fear, then you will have the chance to explore his reality. You can imagine the worst for himself the situation and predict its consequences. A game with your mind will help you understand the illusion of fear and to reduce its impact on your life.

Fastest way

A quick way to overcome fear is to work with your own body. Fear affects our body and changes its position in space. For example, when you are afraid you are looking for support and want to shrink in size. To do this, you start to bend your shoulders and drop your head down. This behavior is similar to the reaction of the turtle to danger.

To overcome fear you need to pay attention to your body. If you raise your head and straighten your shoulders, the fear will decrease. You can also learn several breathing exercises, which will help to quickly relax the body. Your body and mind are dependent on each other, so to overcome fear you need to work on the body and mind.

Ray attention

Fear often develops in a spiral. At its beginning stands the thought of the upcoming fear, then we create the first image of the fear that pulls other images. Together, these images create a sense of fear. If you stop this process and to focus their attention and thoughts in a different direction, then fear not. For example, are you afraid of the dark. Then you need to stop the terrible images in my head and start to think about something second. Start planning for tomorrow, or dream. The main thing is to move the beam of attention to another point.

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Three-second rule

So in your mind start to create a lot of scary thoughts, you need to act immediately. When you make a move of fear, he loses a large part of its power. So you can apply the rule of three seconds. You need to count to three and without unnecessary thoughts begin to do what you are afraid of. Believe me, the fear will dissolve in the air and you can feel the power and control of the situation.

Stop thinking

Fear is created in our thoughts. Therefore, one effective way to overcome it is to stop thoughts. One of the easiest ways to stop the inner voice is to follow your breath. When your inner voice quiets down, you become more relaxed and are in the moment. In this state, you feel complete control over everything that happens around you.


After reading the material can understand that fear is a trick of our imagination. We can manage them using various techniques. But the methods are not important. The Foundation of overcoming fear is understanding its causes, and work with your mind. Afraid of life, or to make a decisive step to overcome the fear only you can decide. Fear is the main obstacle to your happiness.

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