The trouble occurred with the young before the wedding: “the enraged boxer could not calm down”, footage of the tragedy

Беда случилась с молодыми накануне свадьбы: "разъяренный боксер не мог угомониться", кадры трагедии

Terrible state of emergency before the wedding happened in Zaporozhye

In Kiev drunk boxer, brutally beat the couple before the wedding, reported on the website of Zaporizhia in the social network Instagram.

Беда случилась с молодыми накануне свадьбы: "разъяренный боксер не мог угомониться", кадры трагедии

17 August, about 12 o’clock at night in the yard on the street Avaliani in the Shevchenko district of Zaporozhye, a former boxer Eugene Skripnikov with my girlfriend beat up a young couple, whose 12 August was to be a wedding.

Eyewitnesses reported that a young couple who made the remark to the man in the dark broke the tranquility of local, suffered not only morally, but also physically. Aggressive guy inappropriately interpreted the remark. It is known that he, along with the sweetheart too loud “rest” under the drinking of alcoholic beverages. All his anger he vented on the guy with the girl who just asked him to keep it down. He is a boxer and beating people for it has become the norm — in this case, as it turns out, not the first.

It is also reported that the victims from the scene of a visor “fast”. Both have concussions, severe injuries of the face, likely broken facial bones, they were kicking people. As it turned out, a couple of the victims were engaged, and today, the 17th of August, they had the date of the wedding.

Беда случилась с молодыми накануне свадьбы: "разъяренный боксер не мог угомониться", кадры трагедии

In comments to the video users and witnesses have reported some additional details. It turned out, the police released the ex-boxer, besides, gave him money for a taxi.

“In addition to this situation: I live on this street and saw this situation. It took the police, but as the one who was beaten, has friends with the police who released him, and gave 500 UAH for a taxi. + those who beat then just lost 200 UAH and keys to the house, most likely the one who was beaten, took the money and keys,” – said the witness of an emergency.

Also, users noted that in our time it is dangerous to make observations of the “drunk rednecks”.

“The situation is scandalous, but there is one “but”. Making comments drunk rednecks, you need to be ready to fight, as she is 90% gonna happen. Not confident — just call the police, and if you believe also just call the police, otherwise it will come they have for you,” he wrote.

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