The trouble occurred with a close associate Zelensky, the President was struck by the statement: “almost died”

Беда случилась с близким соратником Зеленского, президент поразил заявлением: "чуть не умер"

The Chairman of the Committee on national security and the people’s Deputy from “public Servants” Alexander Zavitnevich was in the hospital after a heart attack

About this during his press marathon said Vladimir Zelensky. He explained that Zavitnevich absent from meetings of the Parliament and does not go to the meetings of the Committee due to serious health problems.

Talking about Zavitnevich came with the filing of one of the journalists, who asked not threaten any nomination and election of friends of Ukraine’s national security. The fact that Zavitnevich — the husband of a classmate of the President and his old friend.

Zelensky said that he knew the MP before he became the husband of the girl, which the President studied.

Беда случилась с близким соратником Зеленского, президент поразил заявлением: "чуть не умер"

“I would love to and she worked with me, but Alexander I knew separately. They met at University. He’s military, he graduated from a military school. He is a professional man. We really known each other for many years. I do trust him. He never missed a meeting…” — said Zelensky.

The President also expressed his dissatisfaction with the fact that the journalist was trying to criticize MP.

“And now you go to the hospital where he almost died because he had a heart attack, after that he missed all the meetings. So when I say to you, as man to man: “Can I answer you?”, And you say, “No.” Listen,” concluded Zelensky.

Беда случилась с близким соратником Зеленского, президент поразил заявлением: "чуть не умер"

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It was reported earlier that President Vladimir Zelensky at a press marathon spoke about a possible split in the party “servant of the people”.

The head of state noted that he would like to keep the political force in complete and amicable composition, without conflict.

“I don’t want to break this party. They know my attitude. If they start to “eat” each other I have them in a year will dissolve,” said he.

Zelensky also mentioned to the MP SN Alexander Dubinsky that the issues of cooperation between Ukraine and the IMF are the issues of government.

Recall “the Servants of the people” rebelled and are not going to retreat, there has been a split.

As reported Politeka, Servants of the people decided to redraw the map of Ukraine, touches the Crimea and the Donbass.

Also Politeka wrote that Razumkov taken aback by the statement, “the Servant of the people” planner.