The trouble is the star of “Moscow does not believe in tears”: the disease attacks were complications details

Беда у звезды «Москва слезам не верит»: болезнь атакует, начались осложнения, подробности

The actress from the cult Oscar-winning film “Moscow does not believe in tears” going through a difficult period

The woman was even forced to sell the cottage in the prestigious Rublyovka in Moscow.

The star of the movie “Moscow does not believe in tears” Natalia Vavilov, who played in the famous film the daughter of the main character, Alexander, save her ailing husband. The husband of the actress, film Director Samvel Gasparov, very sick, writes StarHit.

Беда у звезды «Москва слезам не верит»: болезнь атакует, начались осложнения, подробности

81-year-old Gasparov Vavilova for over 20 years. He is from Georgia’s capital Tbilisi and always preferred spicy food. Because of this, the man began complications.

Gasparov has long been in the hospital, continues treatment at home. How to tell friends of the couple, Vavilova does not depart from the wife on a step. “While coping with yourself, do not ask for help” – note the familiar Natalia.

They also said that last year, Vavilov husband and I have sold over 40 million rubles (just over 15 million hryvnia) the chic two-storey cottage in an elite settlement Rublevka near Moscow and moved to an apartment in the Russian capital. “Do not lose heart, voice cheerful,” – said a friend Gasparov.

He also added that Vavilov refuses to give interviews. “In recent years, she has always been a housewife. Perhaps simply tell her nothing! For her family first,” – suggested the friend of the family.

Recall that after the melodrama “Moscow does not believe in tears” the girl woke up famous. She said she was in great demand.

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However, with the actress the tragedy occurred. In 1986 in the movie “Nicholas Podvoisky” the actress fell from a horse and received a spinal injury of moderate severity. Natalia was in the hospital. The Director of the film instead took another actress.

Natalia starred in several movies, is rumored to be disappointed in the profession and retired from films.

Беда у звезды «Москва слезам не верит»: болезнь атакует, начались осложнения, подробности

Earlier we wrote that the actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, best known for the TV series “My fair nanny”, is fighting for her life. The star was diagnosed with “glioblastoma”. A celebrity treatment was done at the European medical center, however, on 8 October, the network appeared the information — the artist wrote. Probable cause statement — the closure of the service for compulsory health insurance.

At the time of checkout Zavorotnyuk was not found. The actress is due to excess of drugs, droppers and various chemicals stout. Zavorotnyuk was transported on a gurney, while she was wearing a headscarf and large black sunglasses. In recognition of the witnesses, artist — scary to watch.

Recall, the Director was shocked by the truth about pregnancy Zavorotnyuk: “the Belly was not.”

As reported Politeka, Zavorotnyuk from “My fair nanny” to collect money for the treatment

Also Politeka wrote that the star of “My fair nanny” Paul Serdyuk scared appearance: “so hard to live”