The trouble happened to them: were dying, “immediately on the operating table”

Беда случилась с Повалий: оказалась при смерти, «срочно на операционный стол»

Taisiya Povaliy admitted that almost died because of his own mistakes

His only son Denis Povaliy gave birth to the first husband Vladimir for Them in 1983. A year later, the singer learned that pregnant again, but a year-old baby and a new job outweighed in the decision to give birth or not.

After learning about the pregnancy she decided to abort. To do this, the artist used special injections that cause a miscarriage, but instead she had an ectopic pregnancy.

“I fell at home and lost consciousness. Woke up on a stretcher as I was carried out of the house. Then I remember that I heard the voice of the surgeon, it is urgent to send me on the operating table. Then the doctor came into the room and said, “Girl, you were born in the shirt. Still two hours and you are not saved,” — said Ukrainian singer.

Беда случилась с Повалий: оказалась при смерти, «срочно на операционный стол»

In addition, she added that her condition worsened not because of injections but because of the fact that the doctor missed an ectopic pregnancy.

“Yes, I’ve done these shots, and because of them I was unpleasant processes in the body. Then I went to the doctor, but she did not see an ectopic pregnancy and just sent me to the abortion. I cleaned and in the evening I fell unconscious. So injections here at anything, the fruit has been great, ” he told them.

We will remind, Taisiya Povaliy — a popular Ukrainian singer, who is due to political events of 2014, was forced to move to Russia, continues an active singing career in the neighboring country.

Taisiya has published a video that caused confusion among most of her fans.

It singer with evening makeup and a fur coat sitting in the car, slowly swaying to the beat of rhythmic melodies. “Buzz…” — wrote in the caption for them.

However, most of the fans attracted the attention of a person celebrity: many noted that it has changed, and not for the better. And some commentators have even suggested that Taisia has serious problems in his personal life.

It was also reported that the scandalous Ukrainian singer Taisiya Povaliy caused a heated debate on the network, presenting his new song.

Беда случилась с Повалий: оказалась при смерти, «срочно на операционный стол»

So the singer, who recently lives and works in Russia, presented a new song. That’s just she did it during a speech on the TV channel “Russia 1” in the program “Saturday night live”. The singer posted a relevant video to his Instagram.

“I watched Saturday night live? How do you like the new song?”, — asked for them at the subscribers.

The post singer sparked heated debate on the network. In particular, the Ukrainians were interested in whether the performer to return to performances at home. They were outraged that Povaliy apparently “forgot” about Ukraine.

“In Ukraine, when?” “But what about the Ukraine? You have completely forgotten that they were born and raised here?how so? why forget about us?”, “Mabuchi, ukraïnskoyu movoyu VI vzhe not rozumie, ale will write. Long time ago you never saw on Ukrainian TV channels…Baciu , scho VI town panalist .I will not say that grsu Chi was terminated side , just Smylie…Song Ter Garnier , Skoda scho not for ukraïntsiv. TSE all” — wrote the singer’s compatriots in the comments.

In addition, it was reported that fell in the arms of the singer stunned in appearance

Still recall that infamous Ukrainian singer Taisiya Povaliy zapadenka scored a ridiculous new trick in Russia. Appropriate personnel she has published on his page in the social network.

Politeka also wrote that the famous Ukrainian singer Taisia Povaliy, who has been living and working in Russia, boasted its recognition in the country-aggressor.