The triumph of Putin to PACE: there was an angry statement of Ukraine, thunders a new scandal

Триумф Путина в ПАСЕ: появилось гневное заявление Украины, гремит новый скандал

The scandal with the return of the Russian delegation to PACE has received unexpected continuation

The corresponding statement was made by the representative of the Ukrainian delegation and the people’s Deputy Maria Ionova, reports Interfax-Ukraine.

It is noted that the Ukrainian delegation may suspend its participation in PACE after the Assembly endorsed the return of Russian representatives.

“Delegation is going to be addressed. In principle, we do not see ourselves in the same room with the Russian. We’ll just suspend Ukraine’s participation in the summer session… And I do not know whether it would be possible to go back, to be honest,” said ionov.

She also noted that the delegation of Ukraine intends to protest during the procedure of returning of powers of the Russian delegation on Tuesday.

“We let’s stand up and protest. And when they are left in the hall, we will leave it. Let them vote for the Secretary-General without Ukraine”, – said the MP.

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At this, Maria Ionova said that six of the 11 members of delegation, which the Russian Federation is trying to “push through” at PACE, under global sanctions because they voted for the introduction of troops to Ukraine.

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