The trial of Zelensky received an unexpected ending: “it can’t be”

Суд над Зеленским получил неожиданный финал: «этого не может быть»

The sixth appellate court of Kiev made the decision on the lawsuit against the presidential candidate of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky

This is reported by Ukrainian media.

So, the court rejected the claim of lawyer Andrey Khilko, since the distribution of free tickets to the debate, which took place at the NSC “Olympic” was in agitation.

Also, the judge said that the grounds for cancellation of registration of candidate Pesident of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky no. Given all the above arguments, he only issued a warning.

Суд над Зеленским получил неожиданный финал: «этого не может быть»

A corresponding meeting was held at the address: Moscow, 8, building 30, conference room 2. Initially it was planned that it will start at 21:00, but then it was moved forward an hour.

As previously reported, the trial of Vladimir Zelensky, who was organized because of the claim of lawyer Andrey Khilko.

The reason Khilko filed a lawsuit against Vladmiir Zelensky, — the bribing of voters. According to the plaintiff, bribery is a giveaway of tickets to the debate, which took place at the stadium “Olympic”.

Requirement Khilko — annulment of the decision of the CEC of Ukraine on registration Zelensky as a presidential candidate. It gives emphasis on the sixth item of the 64th article of the election law, which, according to Khil’ko, broke the side Zelensky.

It argues that candidates are not allowed to give people free of charge or on preferential terms goods, services, works, securities, credits, lotteries. Ticket is with the product or service in less than an hour the court will decide.

Суд над Зеленским получил неожиданный финал: «этого не может быть»

Earlier it was reported that in the conflict of Vladimir Zelensky and his childhood friend and co-founder of “Kvartal 95” Denis Manzhosova a witness turns up.

Manzhosov stated that April 11 will hold a press conference where they promised to tell a lot about the candidate.

Ukrainian actor and TV presenter Yuriy cat admitted that he had witnessed the quarrel of two friends, Vladimir Zelensky, Denis Manzhosova. According to him, the day Manzhosov, being in a state of intoxication, insulted Zelensky. This was the cat wrote on his page in Facebook.

Recall that the commotion happened on the plane with Zelensky, eyewitnesses post photos.

As reported Politeka, wife Zelensky could not resist and showed how it likes.

Politeka also wrote that the father of Vladimir Zelensky spoke about his son.