The trial of Micah Roy set at mid-November

michee-roy-devrait-subir-proces(SHERBROOKE) Micah Roy should stand trial in the 14 to 18 November 2016 for the manslaughter of her child.

Although the defense is still waiting for confirmation that an expert will testify at the trial, Conrad Chapdelaine judge of the Court of Quebec has retained Friday, a week of proceedings in mid-November at the courthouse in Sherbrooke.

The trial date will be officially determined on 29 July.

The individual who has been detained for over a year and a half is accused of the manslaughter of her child 69 days. The child’s death occurred in the night 6 to 7 June 2015.

Usually in court by telephone conference, Me Félix-Antoine Doyon in Sherbrooke was to take stock of the developments.

“I honestly think he will read the case. I started the process with the expert for about two months. It remains to determine whether to accept a legal aid mandate. I want the record advance because I am aware that the detention of my client is prejudicial. It is not true that I’ll do a trial without analyzing the file by a defense expert, “said Doyon in court.

The judge Chapdelaine recalled that the judicial district of Saint-François was on duty for the trial to be fixed quickly, but that this type of constraint on the availability of experts invariably slowed the process.

“We do our best to provide the best possible service, but we are not able because of this situation,” said the judge Chapdelaine.

Micah Roy was accused of such serious charges in the summer 2015.

The child who was in a vegetative nervous condition since the sad events that occurred on 1 January 2015 has likely died of the consequences of these actions in June of the same year.

The accused has numerous criminal record, having been convicted on 59 occasions since 1998. The maximum penalty for manslaughter is life imprisonment. Since no firearm is involved, no minimum sentence applies.

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