The train overturned and caught fire: 14 cars on fire, video of hell PE

Поезд перевернулся и загорелся: 14 вагонов в огне, видео адского ЧП

In the US, a train carrying a flammable substance derailed and caught fire

The incident occurred in Illinois. A train partially derailed on the rail road near the American city of St. Louis. Affected a total of 14 cars, writes the New York Post. The incident occurred around 12:45 local time. The fire was extinguished in a few hours.

Поезд перевернулся и загорелся: 14 вагонов в огне, видео адского ЧП

Initially fire only one car inside of which was a substance used as a solvent. Transport company Union Pacific said the smoke is not harmful to human health. In the surrounding areas were evacuated three schools because of fears that the fumes could be dangerous to humans and harm their health.

“After checking the quality of the air evacuation of the territory was abolished”, — said the officials.

According to the preliminary data of those killed and injured in the accident no.

Поезд перевернулся и загорелся: 14 вагонов в огне, видео адского ЧП

“I was just standing here, worked and saw the corner of his eye a giant fireball, and I looked back and saw smoke rising, and then it began to spread on the rails in five minutes after this” — Patrick Wilson, who works nearby.

Earlier it was reported that Ishmael was derailed two tanks with liquefied gas.

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“During the execution of a shunting locomotive on the part of the feeder track between turnouts occurred derailment of two freight cars with liquefied gas-propane, which applies to class 2 hazardous substances. The country of destination of cargo – Romania,” said the railroad.

It should be noted that near the place where there was a gathering located residential and industrial buildings.

The reason and circumstances of a large-scale PE set.

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