The tragedy of Kropivnitsky: a schoolgirl was killed a week before the birth

Трагедия под Кропивницким: школьница погибла за неделю до родов

The schoolgirl, who was nine months pregnant, committed suicide

The tragedy occurred on April 18 in Kirovohrad region, in the village of Tsybuleve, wrote the publication OBOZREVATEL.

It is known that the girl’s name was Christine. She was only 14 years old.

“A week later Christine was going to give birth to a girl. But, you see, not destined… It is such a shock to all of us!” – told the neighbors.

Трагедия под Кропивницким: школьница погибла за неделю до родов

The villagers claim that the girl’s body was found in the yard of the house where she lived with roommate. Mum lives separately from her daughter in the same locality. The family of Christine, as we are assured by people who were not antisocial. “Ordinary hard-working people,” say the neighbors. The Chairman of the village Council Lyudmila Taranets said that the girl’s family is not dysfunctional: “On the account of people who have difficult life circumstances, they do not dwell.” In the village say that roommate Christine, 18 years. Name is Tom, he’s a local. Drugs guy does not abuse alcohol, criminal charges have never been brought.

Locals say that the day before the tragedy Kristina and Artem saw on the street – they were walking, holding hands. Sign of a quarrel was not.

The circumstances of the tragedy is currently unknown. In GUNP Kirovohrad region the death of the girl was confirmed, but detailed comments were received. In addition to his mother, he and Cristina had a brother and a sister.

Трагедия под Кропивницким: школьница погибла за неделю до родов

Earlier it was reported that the student who moved from the Crimea to Moscow, committed suicide.

In Moscow on 29 January, a relative of the 15-year-old schoolboy found in the apartment of his lifeless body. Aunt boy came home from work around 18:00 and found the child’s body in the hallway between the kitchen and living room. According to doctors, the death was caused by asphyxia.

Teen mom recently moved from the Crimea to Moscow. His mother is in the security office and got my own place closer to the place of service, and the child is temporarily housed in “kopeck piece” from the sister. The mother worked whole day and he wanted the teenager was under supervision.

Recall that the details of the case about the suicide of the daughter of Michael Jackson.

As reported Politeka, retired in Kharkiv took his own life.

Also Politeka wrote that a seriously ill pensioner has radically solved the problem with treatment.