The tragedy in the summer camp: “it is not the first case”, the details of a terrible emergency

Трагедия в летнем детском лагере: «уже не первый случай», детали страшного ЧП

In the children’s camp killed 12-year-old child

A terrible incident occurred on the eve in France, at the pool there is a children’s camp drowned the rest. A real tragedy took place near the world-famous “Disneyland”.

It is reported by The Daily mail:

“Around 18:30 the rescuers saw floating on the surface of the water body and jumped into the pool to help.” It is known that the boy tried to save:

“Get it out of the water and the helicopter was transported to the hospital, but doctors pronounced the child’s death”.

The incident occurred in the camp at La Croix du Vieux Pont, located 80 kilometers from Paris. It is also known that this is the first case where children have been injured here:

“The pool, which drowned the child, resemble a natural lake and surrounded by an artificial beach. Earlier, several parents have complained to the camp due to the potential insecurity of the pool is its depth in the center is too large”, — referred to in the source material.

Трагедия в летнем детском лагере: «уже не первый случай», детали страшного ЧП

Earlier it was reported that 12-year-old girl drowned in the pool of one of the hotels in Bodrum, Turkey. The girl from Russia was sucked into the pipe there the pool:

“In the Turkish city of Bodrum 12-year-old girl drowned in the pool of the hotel “Sunhill”. While bathing her hand was sucked into the pipe.”

It is known that the incident occurred on August 18:

“The first girl under water saw the father. He and other campers tried to get the boy, however, the pump in the pipe was too powerful.”

It is also known that even after the staff turned off the pump arm to get it did not work:

“Then he (the father — ed.) and seven other people broke the pipe and pulled it together with a piece of pipe on the arm,” – said the girl’s mother.

Now she is in a hospital in Denizli – girl in a coma:

“The heart of a teenager two days ran five times.”

Трагедия в летнем детском лагере: «уже не первый случай», детали страшного ЧП

We also recall that a terrible tragedy has shaken the popular resort – in the eyes of the astonished audience the child died. Tourists watched the horrific sight – a woman in a matter of minutes has lost two loved ones. Her four year old son died on the beach, then found the lifeless body of her husband:

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“The boy and his father from France had drowned in front of his mother on the beach of the Spanish city of Girona”.

Witnesses are struck dumb by what he saw:

“Rescuers saw in the water the child’s body and rushed to save him. When the boy was pulled from the water, he was unconscious.” It is known that doctors tried to save the baby, but in vain.

29-year-old husband of the mother who just lost a child, too, had disappeared:

“In search of the men sent a helicopter, boat and jet ski. After about an hour and a half at a depth of three meters rescuers found the body of a man identified as the father of the deceased child,” — said the local operatives.

Let us remind that in the village of Hlodosy of the Novoukrainka district investigators found the body of an 11-year-old child. The investigators find out the circumstances of the death of the child, but it is already known that the day before the boy disappeared – not been home, towards evening the adults sounded the alarm and began searching for the child:

“Local residents have addressed in Service of rescue “101” asking for help in search for missing child who may have drowned in the pond” — referred to in the message.

Трагедия в летнем детском лагере: «уже не первый случай», детали страшного ЧП

The child’s body pulled from the pond, there were rescuers from Novoukrainka:

“The deceased was a local resident born in 2008”, — referred to in the statement of the SSES.

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