The tragedy in the hospital: a young Ukrainian woman died in front of doctors, the husband revealed the terrible details

Трагедия в роддоме: молодая украинка умерла на глазах у врачей, муж раскрыл страшные подробности

In Zaporozhye died in childbirth from blood loss

It is reported by activist Andrei Lukin on his page in Facebook.

She is survived by her two children and husband.

In the video activist, the husband of the deceased Sergey told me that his wife had no health problems, she regularly attended the consultations of physicians, and the reasons for concern was not.

Трагедия в роддоме: молодая украинка умерла на глазах у врачей, муж раскрыл страшные подробности

“My wife is very responsible attitude to their health, he attended all the necessary doctors and passed all the tests, free and paid. We dreamed of a second child, a daughter. Baby was born absolutely healthy,” he said.

The man remains in doubt what can happen during birth, and why his wife died from blood loss in the intensive care where her condition had to control the doctors.

At the hospital, Sergei said that after the girls started bleeding and she urgently removed the uterus, but to save life failed. A man was left with a 3-year-old son, who does not know about the tragedy and waiting for mom home and with a newborn baby, which is slightly more than a week.

Posted by Andrey Lukin on Monday, July 29, 2019

Sergey needs moral support, and assistance of counsel in a criminal case by reason of the death of his wife.

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Earlier in Kiev in the yard of a house behind a transformer box found a newborn baby.

The article States that the incident occurred, according to Slavgorod, 3/5. A baby crying heard the locals.

Doctors urgently delivered the newborn in the hospital at the address: Kharkiv highway, 121. According to militiamen, about the same time from the yard of the neighboring house were hospitalized woman. She was also taken to the hospital because she had severe bleeding and signs of recent childbirth.

The woman denied that she was pregnant and had a baby. Now the baby’s life is not threatened, and the mother is in the hospital.

As previously reported, in Odessa, the police took the infant from drunk drunk woman who sat on the threshold of an illegal casino. The baby is constantly crying. Arrived at the patrol found a middle of the street sat a woman in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication. In her arms she held a crying baby.

Police urge citizens not to remain indifferent and call the police immediately if they discover such.

Recall, a grief-mother threw the baby in a travel bag.

We also wrote that a resident of Khmelnytsky was trying to sell their children.

Even politeka reported that on Cherkasy woman tried to sell her child.