The tragedy in the Donbas APU: there is an urgent appeal to the Ukrainians

Трагедия ВСУ на Донбассе: появилось срочное обращение к украинцам

APU again bear the irreparable loss in the area of the OOS

As you know, over the past day Russian-occupation forces “L/DNR” 18 times opened fire on positions of fighters of VSU, using forbidden heavy weapons, which must be withdrawn from the front.

As a result of another provocation, two soldiers of the APU died and another soldier was badly wounded and hospitalized from the position.

Трагедия ВСУ на Донбассе: появилось срочное обращение к украинцам

“Over the past day as a result of enemy shelling, two soldiers from the joint forces killed, one soldier was seriously wounded”, — stated in the message the press center of the headquarters of the environmental protection.

According to volunteer Tatiana’s Lips, badly wounded warrior OOS later in the evening was taken by helicopter to the Dnieper.

“At 22.10 at the airport of the Dnieper landed a military helicopter with a defender seriously wounded, unconscious, on a ventilator. Sent to the regional hospital. Mechnikov,” wrote Tatiana in your personal Facebook

She also urged Ukrainians to pray for a wounded Hero and ask “God” to doctors, who will be severely wounded soldier.

“Friends, who is awake and who is a believer, pray for our hero, ask for God’s assistance to doctors. Thank you to everyone who fought for the life of the Sun in the area of environmental protection and participated in the evacuation at all stages in the hospital,” she summed up.

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Трагедия ВСУ на Донбассе: появилось срочное обращение к украинцам

Previously, we reported on the new tragedy of the APU in the Donbass. According to the press center of the headquarters of the environmental protection, Ukraine suffered huge losses as a result of the shelling of the Russian occupation troops.

It is noted that during an enemy attack two soldiers of the Armed forces of Ukraine were injured, incompatible with life. In addition, the staff of environmental protection announced that one Ukrainian soldier was severely wounded.

“The circumstances of the accident are being investigated. Working group of the military police of the armed forces of Ukraine and command of the military unit”, — stated in the message.

Total for the day of September 11, militants 18 times violated the ceasefire. The attacks were conducted in the district of Bogdanovka, Nevel, Novohnativka, Avdeevka, Sands, Novotroitsk, Water, Krasnogorovka, Food technologist, Pavlopol, Groove, Zaytsevy, Luhansk, Novoluganskogo, Novgorod.

Recall that EP covered a bloody battle, Mat pulled out a clear victory, Putin to panic.

As reported Politeka, APU under fire, the militants staged the hell, started the brutal attack in EP.

Also Politeka wrote that the APU fighters talked about the fight, which was concealed from the Ukrainians.