The tragedy during a match of the 2018 world Cup: killed the cheerleader-beauty

Трагедия во время матча ЧМ-2018: погибла болельщица-красавица

For some fans of the football matches of the 2018 world Cup become the latest

It became known that the Brazilian cheerleader Tamra Myochi died a ridiculous death, celebrating his team’s victory in the match of the 3rd round of the group stage of the 2018 world Cup qualifier against Serbia.

It is reported that 30-year-old fan watched the match with friends in the city Itatiba (são Paulo state). After the second goal, the girl jumped off the sofa friends with mobile phone in one hand and a glass of wine in the other.

Трагедия во время матча ЧМ-2018: погибла болельщица-красавица

The Brazilian lost his balance, tried unsuccessfully grabbed for the coffee table but slipped and fell on a broken glass. The shrapnel hit her neck, where her jugular was cut. The arrived physicians needed to verify death from loss of blood.

Трагедия во время матча ЧМ-2018: погибла болельщица-красавица

Earlier Sweden announced that they would suspend the boycott of the world Cup which is being held in Russia. This was stated by Minister of foreign Affairs of Sweden Margot wallström.

The official explained that the boycott only applied to the opening ceremony of the world Cup. According to the Minister, the Swedish government took this decision in solidarity with Britain in connection with the case Skripal. Swedish Ministers do not appear before in the world Cup 2018, I plan to attend the game against Sweden in the first round of the playoffs with the team of Switzerland.

In this situation it is important to support our team. Made this decision after consultation, in particular with the representatives of Denmark, “—said the Minister.

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Note that the match Sweden — Switzerland will be held in Saint Petersburg on July 3.

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