The tragedy at the Donbass: Ukraine washed in the blood, the militants broke

Трагедия на Донбассе: Украина умылась кровью, боевики прорвались

In the Donbas over the past day, September 11, killed two Ukrainian soldiers

This was reported by the press center of the headquarters of operation joint task force Facebook.

It is noted that during an enemy attack, members of the Armed forces of Ukraine were injured incompatible with life.

“The circumstances of the accident are being investigated. Working group of the military police of the armed forces of Ukraine and command of the military unit”, — stated in the message.

Трагедия на Донбассе: Украина умылась кровью, боевики прорвались

In addition, the staff of environmental protection announced that one Ukrainian soldier was severely wounded.

Total for the day of September 11, militants 18 times violated the ceasefire. The attacks were conducted in the district of Bogdanovka, Nevel, Novohnativka, Avdeevka, Sands, Novotroitsk, Water, Krasnogorovka, Food technologist, Pavlopol, Groove, Zaytsevy, Luhansk, Novoluganskoe, Novgorod.

Since the beginning of the current day armed forces of the Russian Federation and its mercenaries 1 times violated the ceasefire regime near the Food.

Earlier in the Internet showed the deceased in the Donbass defender Yuriy Burdanina.

“Unfortunately, we have again a loss: 10 September, in the evening, in the East, near Avdeevka killed a senior soldiers, senior intelligence operator of a reconnaissance company Yuri burdeyny, a native of Cherkassy, 21. Eternal memory to the heroes”, — stated in the message of aphareus blogger on Twitter.

Трагедия на Донбассе: Украина умылась кровью, боевики прорвались

As previously reported, in one of the hospitals in Dnipropetrovsk region died, the defender of Ukraine, who was wounded in the Donbas. About it reports a press-service of the 24 Ombre behalf of king Danylo.

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“It was a very sociable and positive person… a reliable friend and a sister who wanted and knew how to fight. The team enjoyed great prestige, and the service is treated responsibly and in good faith”, — stated in the message.

Note that we are talking about Alexander Grichuk, who was injured in the Donbas on August 25 Marinka after the despicable militants fired at positions of the APU.

Трагедия на Донбассе: Украина умылась кровью, боевики прорвались

Warrior was born in 1971. Lately resided in the town of khristinovka of Cherkasy region.

Recall that EP covered a bloody battle, Mat pulled out a clear victory, Putin to panic.

As reported Politeka, APU under fire, the militants staged the hell, started the brutal attack in EP.

Also Politeka wrote that the APU fighters talked about the fight, which was concealed from the Ukrainians.