The trafficker Christian Vezina pharmacist avoids jail

ex-pharmacien-christian-vezina-proprietaire(Quebec) The fallen pharmacist Christian Vezina is sentenced to two years less a day to be served in the community.

Son and grand-son of pharmacist, Christian Vézina, 44, pleaded guilty a year ago to possession charges in Dilaudid traffic purpose, hydromorphone and other drug as powerful effects as those of ‘heroin.

He agreed to help a client struggling with pain. Faced with a threat of being reported to the College of Pharmacists, Vézina continued to sell non-prescription medicines for three years to ten clients.

Police arrested the pharmacist-owner of Saint-Roch in 2012, after having bought tablets by an undercover officer.

“Pharmacists must resist these pressures, as the father of the accused did during his career, insisted the judge Christian Boulet, making the effort. The accused chose not to contact the police, knowing that significant quantities of drugs would end up on the market. ”


Christian Vézina has since been removed from the Order of Pharmacists. The investigation of the Order trustee reveals that for the period covered by the criminal charges, missing 145,000 tablets in the inventory of the pharmacy Christian Vézina.

The prosecution demanded a sentence of four years penitentiary. Judge Christian Boulet found that Vézina, who expresses remorse, was a good candidate for a conditional sentence. It will also make maximum hours of community service and undergo probation for three years.

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