The tourists just wanted to take a picture of the sea, and witnessed the rare phenomenon

A pack of dolphins swam right to the shore than pleased with tourists and locals.

Турист просто хотів сфотографувати море, а став свідком рідкісного явища

During the holidays the tourists are faced with different challenges. But what happened in this case, can be called the most pleasant incident that you can think of, informs Rus.Media.

Tourists and locals relaxing on the beach. One of the guests filmed the sea, the sun, happy people. His attention was attracted by a strange creature that swam under water. Something was heading right at them. The man was seriously scared, and tried to see who it was. But when the creature approached, it turned out that a flock of dolphins. Perhaps marine animals are so friendly that I just couldn’t stay away from people.

When they reached shore, it was found that alone to go back to sea, they can not. Dolphins stuck on land, and then people rushed to their aid. It’s safe to say that to some extent they were even happy about this coincidence. When I’ll be able to touch these lovely sea creatures? All the campers turned the Dolphin into the sea, and there were about 30.

Charming sea creatures were rescued and returned to his house. Fortunately, the man who shot landscapes, was able to capture on camera the moment.

We invite you to see, how people save dolphins, who are stuck on land!

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