The time of reckoning has come: APU fighters severely avenged terrorists “DNR”, the winning video

Время расплаты пришло: бойцы ВСУ жестко отомстили террористам "ДНР", победное видео

Appeared impressive shots as APU fighters retaliated to terrorist shelling of the civilian population in the Donbas

It all happened even before the announcement of regime of silence. The corresponding video was placed on the Fund “come Back alive” in Facebook.

“Remember how in June of this year, terrorists fired at Marinka? Then injured four civilians, among them 86-year-old grandfather and 9-year-old girl. Now, the militants were sitting on the waste heap and adjust fire on residential areas of the city. And in this video (which was removed before the so-called “regime of silence”) you can see that after the case was made with the hostile position of the APU fighters. With one shot, they destroyed it to the ground and retaliated spotters for their people”, — is told in the message.

Won ZSU snimili position coregovernight on tericon

Pam atate Yak at Cerwin tsogo rock teroristi abstral Mar NKO? Then postrazhdali Vier zivin person, Sered yakih – 86-rcni DDoS the 9-RCNA duchonka. So, boyoviki sidle on tericon, and z Demba coregulate fire at will itlovin quarters Mista. And this video (Jake has znyali to so-called “regime of silence”) VI bachite scho after the case zrobili s voreiou pozicy BIZ ZSU. One tochnym pastram stink snimili . went I posterise coregovernight for their people. TSE became mozliwym for DOPOMOGA quadcopter, pridanova for vashi koshti, that viyskovim passing “Turn alive” that zavdyaki accname the learning bicv strukturami Fund for the program of the GRK Armor — Armor. Want dwellers vashi domski not patrapali pid deck okupantu? Then doomgate their an automated workplace . ” here:Фонд “Turn alive”

Posted by Turn we live on Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Earlier it was reported that Zelensky has told about the plan on settlement of situation in Donbas. Secretary of national security Council of Ukraine Alexander danyluk said that President Vladimir Zelensky and his team have a clear plan to resolve the conflict in the Donbas.

“Everything for the Donbass, tried and tested in defined steps. There is the humanitarian plan Zelenskiy, which is, in principle, implemented”, — said danyluk.

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The NSDC Secretary said that the truce is valid despite the provocation from the other side, after which killed four of our soldiers, because the statistics of attacks “the situation is very different” from what it was.

Время расплаты пришло: бойцы ВСУ жестко отомстили террористам "ДНР", победное видео

Danilyuk noted that this provocation could not leave without an answer neither Ukraine nor the countries-participants of the Normandy format, so the team of Vladimir Zelensky working meeting of leaders of Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France.

“If there is still no answer, it can become simply routine. We always need to have a coordinated internal and external actions”, – said danyluk.

We will remind, the court made the controversial decision to terrorists “DNR” who killed “cyborgs”.

As reported Politeka, Putin is preparing to attack: Donbass stuffed with weapons-killer, there was bad news.

Also Politeka wrote that the fate of Crimea and Donbass decided, made the statement: “no other way”.