The three-eyed monster found on the track, the researchers showed pictures of the mutant

Трехглазого монстра нашли на трассе: ученые показали фото мутанта

In Australia, the hunter caught and brought scientists a snake mutant with three eyes

Service parks and wildlife Northern territory Australia shared photos of snakes with three eyes, was found by a local hunter. Pictures of reptiles published in the Facebook account of the service.

The mutant, which was later called Monty Python found on the highway in 40 kilometres from Darwin. According to experts, the age of reptiles is small, its length reaches 40 cm.

Snake is unusual because x-rays showed that this is not two separate heads that are fused together, but rather it was a skull with an extra eye socket and three functioning eyes. Scientists believe that third eye, he sees is as good as the other two, is formed as a result of mutations when the snake was still an embryo.

It is highly unlikely that the mutation is associated with environmental factors, she most likely is a natural phenomenon, “ugly,” among reptiles quite common.

“I’ve never seen a three-eyed snake, but we are headed koberovy Python — it’s just another kind of mutation, similar to the one that we see with Siamese twins,” said setpencolor Brian fry.

Трехглазого монстра нашли на трассе: ученые показали фото мутанта

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