The threat from Jupiter, hurtling towards Earth, doomsday is inevitable: “explode any minute”

Угроза с Юпитера мчится к Земле, конец света неизбежен: "взорвется в любую минуту"

NASA scientists have failed to notice the first time the dark spots on Jupiter, which could be created by the mysterious planet Nibiru

Ufologists are building all kinds of theories about what the gas giant Jupiter could explode at any minute. Such a large blast will disrupt the balance of the Universe.

NASA (the us space Agency approx. ed) has provided new images of the cosmos, which scared the public. Attention was drawn to the condition of Jupiter which had a strange dark blackout. According to conspiracy theorists, these spots indicate that there was found a harbinger of the Apocalypse.

Угроза с Юпитера мчится к Земле, конец света неизбежен: "взорвется в любую минуту"

“A black mark appeared on the Jupiter is not one hour. It is strange that the latest instruments of NASA screwed up and didn’t notice a strange spot. Multiverse exists, and it is not necessary to reject the hypothesis of multi black holes, which are already provided in the photo” — believe ufologists.

Experts claim that the picture shows NASA could appear and the shadow of the famous Nibiru, which allegedly hiding on an unknown trajectory, astronomers in the Solar system. Experts also do not reject the hypothesis of the emergence of “rust on Jupiter”.

Угроза с Юпитера мчится к Земле, конец света неизбежен: "взорвется в любую минуту"

A gas giant could hide other life forms. And now the inhabitants of Jupiter decided to open the gates in the form of black mark. NASA has not commented on the assumptions of experts and insists that an unknown education no threat to Land. Astronomers, however, warn of catastrophic failure. If we consider the probability of the big Bang, then the universe will perish in darkness because of an error in NASA.

“Scientists of God” screwed up and not noticed the appearance of black marks on Jupiter. A gas giant is going to explode any minute and it razbalansirovat the Universe. The loss of stability in the Solar system, activates the process of destruction of magnetic fields, get lost the polarity and the poles of the Universe shifted to the center of the Great attractor. After that not only the Earth will perish,” says the expert.

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Угроза с Юпитера мчится к Земле, конец света неизбежен: "взорвется в любую минуту"

Also earlier it was reported that the world would end on earth in seven days, the last day of September.

Scientists who monitor space, using special equipment, fix recently strange, but quickly growing signals.

Astronomers say that these signals are “flying” from the entire space. However, the most powerful magnetic pulses recorded on Mars and the center of our galaxy.

Scientists say that these signals are a result of “life” of cosmic matter. At least so it was believed initially.

Recall that Nibiru disappeared from radar, scientists were stunned by the discovery.

As reported Politeka, the planet Nibiru will hit the Earth a powerful blow, scientists are sounding the alarm.

Also Politeka wrote that Nibiru has launched a devastating weapon, scientists are sounding the alarm.