The third world is already on the threshold, called fatal date: where to begin the conflict

Третья мировая уже на пороге, названа роковая дата: где начнется конфликт

It became known when and where will start the Third world war

Russian journalists came to the conclusion that global conflict will begin in 2022 in the middle East, and it will end in 2024.

According to researchers channel “international police magazine” in Yandex.Zen”, the current confrontation between Russia and the United States in Syria is a manifestation of the hidden conflict between the two major players in the redistribution of spheres of influence in the world.

Experts do not doubt that the United States needed a war, as the bloody conflicts of the twentieth century helped this country to take a leading position in the world, because all the purchases of weapons from the United States was carried out in a stable currency — gold.

Третья мировая уже на пороге, названа роковая дата: где начнется конфликт

The reason can be anything — an attack using chemical weapons, downed aircraft, and other events, including the so-called color revolutions.

Analysts say the crisis in which the dollar system. In this case from the us currency start to refuse other countries, and in the case of the collapse of the dollar flow of payments, to the collapse of several economies in the world.

To keep their power, according to experts, the U.S. will take a major war that will reverberate in all countries, and it is difficult to say whether the dare somebody to use nuclear weapons.

Третья мировая уже на пороге, названа роковая дата: где начнется конфликт

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Also earlier it was reported that scientists, working with very old biblical tests they say found an ancient prophecy that predicts the end of the world. They believe that a certain interpretation of the recovered records suggests that the coming Apocalypse will be very severe and unexpected.

So, a Bible scholar from the United States Paul McGuire said that soon will start the Third world war that will end human civilization.

American claims that its forecast is based on the information that is contained in Scripture. McGuire believes that a new global conflict breaks out unexpectedly for people. From the words of the researcher, it follows that after the war there will be the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Recall that deciphered ancient Mayan prophecy, the end of mankind is near.

As Politeka wrote, deciphered the Biblical prediction of the end of the world, called the fatal date.

Also Politeka reported that Carpathian molfar revealed the secret of his supernatural powers.