The third film Kingsman lost the main character

Третий фильм Kingsman лишился главного героя

Actor Taron Egerton who played Eggsy agent in the first two films, the future of the franchise will not appear.

The third part of the franchise Kingsman lost the main character. Actor, Tarang Edgerton, who played agent Eggsy, will not appear in the new film. About it writes Yahoo.

Agent, Eggsy has appeared in films Kingsman: the Secret service Kingsman: the Golden ring. However, in the third part, Edgerton is not involved.

“I don’t know whether to talk about it. This does not mean that I do not appear in Kingsman. We are actively working with Vaughn, just in this journey into the universe of Kingsman I do not participate”, – he said.

Also the actor said that the Director is already working on a new part of the series. According to him, “she’s just beautiful.” As for the character Eggsy, he should appear in future parts.

Earlier it was reported that was named the best film of the expiring 2018, according to the authoritative magazine Empire.

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