The temple Sagrada Familia: the most famous unfinished

The history of the most famous protracted in the world, the Sagrada Familia

Храм Саграда Фамилиа: самый известный долгострой

The Sagrada família, or the Sagrada Familia – the famous Church in Barcelona, built by Antoni Gaudi. For the Spanish architect, she became a creature all his life, it was during the work on the temple of gaudí formed its own unique style. The Church, like a sand castle built nearly one hundred and fifty years – and still not completed.

The young man from his sleep

The construction of Sagrada Familia began in 1882, and initially the project was led not by Gaudi. At the head of works there was an experienced architect Francisco del Villar. It was he who laid the Foundation of a famous Church.

Gaudí was only 31 years old when he began work on the Sagrada Familia.

The Church has now been built on the money of ordinary citizens, which was a subscription that is still in effect. The idea of creating a temple of the Holy Family was offered Jose Maria Bocabeille, he is considered the founder of the Church.

Храм Саграда Фамилиа: самый известный долгострой

Final view of the Church of the Holy Family (draft)

But soon the architect had problems with the Church Council, and it became clear that del Villar will not remain for long in the post. According to legend, one night he saw a young man with piercing blue eyes — he was to become the future Builder of the Church of the Holy Family.

Soon del Villar met Gaudi. In fact, the reasons for choosing a new architect was much more prosaic: Antonio was a student of del Villar in the architectural school, besides a 31 year old Gaudi would cost a lot less than his more experienced colleagues.

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The Wizard Gaudi

42 years gave gaudí the Sagrada família. From radically changed the design of the building, which originally was to create a neo-Gothic Basilica in the shape of a Christian cross. Chief innovation architect steel 18 towers. The highest in the center, with a height of 170 meters is still not finished — it’s supposed to symbolize Christ. Around, on the idea of Gaudi, should be 12 towers and smaller number of apostles.

4 the tower was designed in honor of the evangelists, and one in honor of our lady. The tower was a parabola — an unusual architectural solution for the time. When Gaudi asked where he draws inspiration, he said, “In an ordinary tree, with its branches and leaves.

All parts of the tree grow organically, and seem to be fine, because I created them one artist — God.” Some of Gaudi’s contemporaries were convinced that his design will fail, but a real forest of columns survived and, according to the builders, can even withstand a 7-point earthquake.

Храм Саграда Фамилиа: самый известный долгострой

Inside the columns resemble a real forest

As he said himself, Gaudi, he tried to build a temple so the angels were pleased to see him. Besides, he dreamed that his brainchild was really singing, the air passing through the holes in the towers, was supposed to sound according to the principle of authority.

Gaudi died in 1926 before he could finish the Church of the Holy Family

Lovers of architecture admire the sculptures that adorn the Church. For the main three facades — facade of the Nativity — Gaudi created figures in natural size. The work he started in the first place — the architect was afraid that the townspeople will not approve of the idea of images of some of the scenes on the Passion façade, which tells the story of the crucifixion of Christ.

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When you create the facade of the Nativity, he used unusual methods: for the scene of the slaughter of the innocents, for example, gaudí did plaster casts of stillborn children. And animals it is first immersed in a dream with a solution of chloroform.

Храм Саграда Фамилиа: самый известный долгострой

The sculptures on the facade of the Church

Contemporaries against the construction

In 1926 gaudí died before he could complete his life’s work. He was buried in the temple under the vaults of the arches. Many of his contemporaries were opposed to finish the building. Architect josé Acebillo protested: “It’s like that to attach the hands of the statue of Venus de Milo”.


Whatever it was, it took Domenech Sugranyes, the closest assistant of gaudí.

Храм Саграда Фамилиа: самый известный долгострой

The civil war that started in 1936, for many years to stop the construction. To top it off, a fire destroyed all remaining after Gaudi’s drawings and projects. Only part of them managed later to recover.

Храм Саграда Фамилиа: самый известный долгострой

Work on the creation of the Church is still going on

Work on the building of the temple is still going on: while the tourists visiting the famous creation of Gaudi, builders watching them from the height of forests. At the request of the government of Spain, to finish the construction will not until 2026.

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