The teenager was hit by a train, which drove his mother: “went to meet”

Подростка сбил поезд, в котором ехала его мать: «отправился встречать»

9-theclassic was wearing headphones and didn’t hear back it rushes the train

The tragic incident happened at the railway station Klavdiyevo in the Kiev region.

17-year-old went to meet mother, who had come by train. And to go it was not boring, put on the headphones and turned the music on. Young boy and decided, apparently, to shorten the path because they have decided to cross the railway tracks at the station in a prohibited place, according to the Main Directorate of the National police in the Kiev region.

Подростка сбил поезд, в котором ехала его мать: «отправился встречать»

Loud music in the headphones prevented him from hearing that the train approaching from behind.

As a result, the train hit the teenager and severely injured. The boy was diagnosed with a fractured skull and a broken hip. His carriage “first aid” urgently sent to the hospital. In consciousness it never came. The young man is in resuscitation unit.

In a tragic coincidence, the train that hit a student, was driving his mother.

As previously reported, in Poland, a train hit a car “ambulance”, which was hurrying to the severely ill patient.

In the town of Puszczykowo, the driver took off on the move before he started to close the gate. The car was trapped and the driver began to unfold on the rails in time to drive off to a dangerous place. But not in time.

Train at full speed rammed the car. A paramedic and a doctor were killed instantly, the driver survived, but he lies in a coma.

Doctors are trying to save the life of the driver. After the accident he underwent surgery and was put in a medically induced coma. His condition is serious. The investigators did not report when the driver will withdraw from the coma and it is unknown when he will make a statement.

Polish militiamen find out why people were getting out of the car, seeing KK on them rushing the composition and why the driver did not hit the gate to escape.

It is reported that the doctors in the ambulance rushed to the severely ill patient who was on the verge of life and death. It was planned to deliver from hospitals in Puszczykowo in one of the hospitals in poznań.

Подростка сбил поезд, в котором ехала его мать: «отправился встречать»

The train that crashed into an ambulance, nobody was hurt. For several hours the traffic on this stretch was blocked.

We will remind that it became known, when canceled trains in Russia.

As reported Politeka, the train with passengers under Exactly lit up like a torch: “had to evacuate”.

Also Politeka wrote that a passenger train derailed: a lot of victims.