The team Zelensky went on a radical step, the President may remain single: “We wanted…”

В команде Зеленского пошли на радикальный шаг, президент может остаться совсем один: «Мы хотели…»

In the team of Vladimir Zelensky said, why advance written notice of resignation

After the scandal with the “dismissal” of the head of the Office of President Vladimir Zelensky Andrey Bogdan became known that all members of the President’s team advance written notice of resignation. Deputy OP Yuriy Kostyuk told to “Gromadsky”, for which it was made.

“All the deputies and the head of the Office of the President, and the assistant, and first assistant Vladimir sufficiently close, friendly, friendly long-standing relationships. Almost all, maybe someone joined us a little later, for example, Goncharuk,” — said Kostiuk

According to him, the idea statements came from a desire to show that the President “does not keep the relationship from a past life”.

В команде Зеленского пошли на радикальный шаг, президент может остаться совсем один: «Мы хотели…»

“We know that our opponents can start some campaign against this or that person with the purpose to impair the image of the President. We wanted these statements show one thing — that the President is not keeping our close relationship in a past life. We all wrote statements,” — said Kostiuk.

We will remind, earlier military diplomat, Chairman of the Public Council under the Ministry of defense, major-General reserve Peter Garashchuk told about the reaction of President Vladimir Zelensky in the deaths of four soldiers APU.

According to him, the President becomes the Supreme commander.

“I felt it, when he spoke of our dead four soldiers. His slightly shaking lips and eyes were running,” said he.

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According to him, to be commander in chief is means to be responsible for every life, for war, for each day on the front.

В команде Зеленского пошли на радикальный шаг, президент может остаться совсем один: «Мы хотели…»

“He’s trying to stop this war,” the General added.

Answering the question, does this mean that for the formation Zelensky as Supreme commander took the death of Ukrainian servicemen, Garashchuk said:

“In any case! It was an occasion to Express condolences before the trip to Turkey and make a statement as the Supreme commander. But on this day I saw that he becomes the Supreme commander, that is responsible for every life, as, incidentally, any soldier, officer, General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine or a public servant working in the Ministry of defense.”

Recall that the Zelensky decision can be costly for Ukraine.

As reported Politeka, Putin secretly gave Zelensky message about the Donbass.

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky gave a hard separation: who will have hard times.