The taxi industry threatens to disrupt the F1 Grand Prix

Hundreds of taxi drivers disrupt the activities of the Grand Prix Monday on the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve and Montreal Casino. The taxi industry on Friday announced a “week of disruption” to denounce the opposition of the future Quebec Coalition on Bill 100, which would give a fatal blow to Uber activities in the province.
Now the government Couillard may run out of time to pass the bill by the end of parliamentary work next Friday for the summer break. “We want bluntly tell the government go ahead to adopt your bill. The demonstration, it is not anti-government, it is against the CAQ that refuses to adopt the bill. This is terrible! It’s awful! “Protested Guy Chevrette, spokesman for the taxi industry.

In a press release, the PQ former minister went further in interview with La Presse emphasizing that would not condemn potential “incidents that disturb social peace”, since “anger taxis will be legitimate. ” “If the draft law 100 is not adopted during this session, we risk losing control. We fear major trouble during the summer in Quebec, “he says.

“This is extremely unhealthy. I do not think it’s the right solution to find a track that will reassure industry, Uber and all Quebecers. I invite them to the discussion, conciliation. This is certainly not disrupting the Grand Prix that the industry will earn points, “says François Bonnardel, parliamentary leader of the CAQ.

“The project could be adopted, if the government wants to put water in his wine and find a way to get along with Uber and meet the taxi industry,” Mr. Bonnardel. Uber however, must pay taxes in Quebec, he says. “This is a draft anti-innovation legislation. […] What message is sent to the world? This is completely ridiculous. We must open up and modernize the world, “he says.

Monday’s protest will not affect directly the activities of the Grand Prix, according to Guy Chevrette. “It’s supposed to be highly regulated,” he said. He however refused to comment on the next rallies planned by the common front of the industry. “It is not about to unveil an action plan. We will decide from day to day, “he adds. According to Félix Tremblay, another spokesman of the Provincial Committee of consultation and development of the taxi industry (CPCDIT), there are no other meetings scheduled on the sidelines of Great Price by next Friday. The main race of the Canadian Grand Prix will be held Sunday, June 12

“It would not be the first time that groups choose to submit their claims in public during the week of the Grand Prix of Canada. Again, this comes to demonstrate the important place for our event Montreal area, “said François Dumontier email, president and CEO of Octane Racing Group.

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